Meet Chetan Malhotra, Cofounder Of Narration Box


Tell Us About Narration Box And Why You Started Working On It?

Narration Box is building a platform that provides everything you need to engage your audience with voice and audio. You can use our 300+ AI narrators to create voiceovers, narrations, audiobooks, audio widgets and even podcasts in 20+ languages. We are building a platform that not only takes care of the tooling process but also helps out creators and companies on the distribution, monetisation and analytics end. Some of our customers even say that “Narration Box has allowed them to get away from having to set up my own recording studio.“

The idea for starting up with Narration Box came from a personal problem. When I and my cofounder were working on our previous fin-tech startup called KloudTrader, we had to create a lot of product explainer videos and tutorials but we realised that the process of recording voiceovers was extremely tedious and we were not very good at it.

We talked to some professional narrators but they were either out of our budgets or the process of hiring a professional narrator was too time consuming. Meanwhile, my cofounder had built a side-project which was a service that converted ebooks into audiobooks, thus we realised that we already had the underlying AI Text to speech technology implemented in place, so why don’t we use it to build a platform that makes it easier for people to create voiceovers, narrations, audiobooks, etc and since then we have helped a wide variety of users to create audio and voice first content using AI.


Who Are Your Users And What Are Some Of Narration Box’s Use Cases?

Our user base is highly diversified which gives us a great opportunity to serve people across sectors. Our users and customers range from independent content creators to companies. Since we host a huge suite of tooling, our use cases also differ and diversify based on every user.

For example a lot of startup founders use Narration Box to quickly create voiceovers and narrations for explainer videos and tutorials for their products. Educators prefer Narration Box because of the ease of creating lectures in more than 20 languages and catering students from all around the world. Authors generally create audiobooks using Narration Box to pair them with their books or ebooks.

Marketeers and advertisers create engaging content for advertisements and social media. Media houses can leverage the audio widgets to provide on-premise text to speech for their news sites’ articles which results in increased user engagement and retention. The list is just way too long for me to keep going on here.



What Have You Learnt While Building Narration Box?

The importance of user feedback. We at Narration Box are always in awe of our users who consistently keep us on our toes by providing their valuable feedback. We have grown to learn that staying in constant touch with your users helps in keeping a regular check on your product and vision as a company since your users are the people, you are solving this problem for.


What Are Your Plans For Growth And What Can We Expect In The Future?

Narration Box is growing at a steady pace and with every new active user we are inching a step closer to a better product market fit. In terms of our future plans, we are soon releasing Audio widgets that provide on-premise text to speech and other audio features for news sites & blogs which lead to an increased user engagement and retention. We are also building tools for creating, distributing and monetising podcasts and all other kinds of audio and voice content.



What Do You Think Is The Future Of Audio And Voice Space?

It’s one of the most lucrative and rapidly growing spaces right now and will continue to be for many decades. After a year of zoom fatigue and peak Netflix consumptions, people have realised that audio content is cheaper to produce as well as cheaper to consume since their are no barriers to entry especially on the consumption end. One can consume podcasts, audiobooks, etc while driving, running or even vacuuming which is great in today’s world where everybody aims to be a productive multitasker.

In fact, the global podcasting market alone is estimated to reach USD 94.88 billion by 2028, expanding at an estimated CAGR of 31.1% from 2021 to 2028. The increasing popularity of audio-on-demand platforms is the primary factor driving the market growth and with Narration Box’s podcasting tools releasing soon, you can easily handle distribution and monetisation on every major podcasting platform without moving a muscle.



How Is Narration Box Different From Other Players In The Market?

I think, one of the things that we are doing different is thinking about content creation as not the end goal but a part of a bigger process. This is why rather than focusing on just tooling, we are also aiming to solve the other pieces of the puzzle that are content distribution and monetisation. We are creating an ecosystem for creators and companies to have a stronger grip on their content process wether they are producing voiceovers, audiobooks, narrations, podcasts or on premise text to speech widgets.