Christian Facey and Wilfrid Obeng, Co-Founders at AudioMob: Audio Ads for The Gaming Space

AudioMob is the world’s first audio ad solution for the gaming space that provides non-intrusive audio ads within mobile games, enabling game developers to monetize players without blocking gameplay. AudioMob was founded on the core principle that there is a better way to monetise games without compromising on user experience.

Our solution also helps brands and advertisers expand their reach and gives them access to the 2.4 billion active mobile gaming audience. Put simply, we provide a win-win-win solution for gamers, game developers and advertisers.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?


Christian Facey, CEO: My experience working at Google as a strategist and Facebook as a science partner, gave me a great understanding of how advertising works and is effectively measured. In my spare time I would produce Hip Hop/Jazz music and also my own mobile video games, and when I started experimenting with streaming audio into my games, I started to realise the massive gap in the industry. That’s when I got in touch with Wilfrid, who I had met while working at Google.

Wilfrid Obeng, CTO: During our research and development phase, we trawled through game reviews on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and learned that users really didn’t like when in-game ads would interrupt their gaming experience. From this research we understood that our final product needed to be seamless and enhance the user experience, rather than work against it. After months of hard work and sleepless nights, we developed an audio ad format that developers could place in their games without interrupting the gameplay. It was the solution that the games industry needed and is helping game developers boost their revenue, whilst keeping the players happy.

What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?


Christian Facey, CEO: Don’t marry your idea. It is highly likely that the idea you have will not be the idea you scale or raise investment for in the end. Also, tell more people about your idea. If you do, 99% of people will not attempt to steal your idea, because it’s a good idea, and ideas get stolen when there isn’t validation. By telling more people about your ideas you can also get valuable feedback to help refine your product or service. 

Wilfrid Obeng, CTO: It would be easy for me to give my quick response of “Don’t wait, start!” However it is also important to have a plan and ask yourself the following questions. Have you conducted research on your target market? Have you created an MVP (Minimal Viable Product)? Have you saved enough money to sustain your entrepreneurial journey? (e.g. MVP costs, research costs and living expenses.) Once you have answered these questions it wont make the journey easy, but it will give you a far better chance of launching a successful product than if you didn’t have a plan. 


What can we hope to see from AudioMob in the future?


Since the recent launch of the massively popular Big Brother Mobile Game, which integrated AudioMob in the form of a virtual radio, we have been working on simplifying our technology to give game developers a more streamlined experience while providing more features. We have a lot of exciting game integrations in the pipeline, which show even more unique audio ad applications. However the most exciting part is the really cool moonshots that we will be revealing soon, so make sure to follow our social channels to be one of the first to know.