Claire Leon, Co-Founder at Acorn-i: Empowering Brands to Sell More Online

Acorn-i helps brands sell more online through a blend of deep expertise and innovative technology. Our proprietary analytics platform Ignite collates the granular data needed to build and execute smarter strategies; delivering better understanding of the way consumers shop online, and instantly identifying key action points.

As specialists in Amazon and an approved Marketplace Web Services Partner, we offer insight into how accounts should be configured and maximised to drive incremental sales, in addition to integrations with other major platforms; including Shopify.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

After many years of working at Amazon, Ross Caveille and I found ourselves in a unique position. While eCommerce was becoming vital for businesses, we could see that many were finding it difficult to trace the impact of Amazon on their organisation and navigate the complex market. But we also held the capabilities to address these challenges.

Extensive experience left us well equipped to obtain the right data to guide informed Amazon spending decisions and recognise shopper intent. Coupled with knowledge of how to leverage different platforms as complementary — rather than opposing — forces and accurately measure marketing investment across channels, it was clear that by taking our collective skills outside the ‘orange gates’ we could meet a tremendous broader need.

We founded Acorn-i to help provide a more effective omnichannel approach to eCommerce. Ignite’s reliable and detailed reporting generates a holistic picture of performance; covering multiple standard metrics from real-time sales and basket value to customer lifetime value and repeat purchases. The enhanced capacity this provides to pinpoint how and where consumers buy has proved a game-changer for the industry. Not only can companies quickly leverage high-yielding marketplaces, but they can also efficiently fine-tune activities across the board; adjusting prices, platforms, and promotions for greater results.


What advice would you give to other aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Only be limited by the extent of your own aptitude and ambition. We are living in times where gender doesn’t matter as much as it once did; in tech and many other sectors, there is huge scope for talented people to gain a seat at the table, regardless of background.

My career has focused on embracing new ventures at multiple turns; playing a part in bringing Amazon advertising to the UK, forging global agency partnerships and — of course — founding Acorn-i. This has taught me that success is about seizing potential. If you can spot a market requirement and have the means to tackle it, start building to solve and the rest will follow organically. By embracing opportunities that suit their abilities, gathering expert teams and following a defined vision, skilled individuals can break through and thrive.

What can we hope to see from Acorn-i in the future?

In a constantly shifting space, adaption is essential and that means Acorn-i must keep evolving to ensure we can best support our client partners. Next steps include developing more world-class iterations and modules within Ignite that will further increase its flexibility; centring on refining omnichannel and advertising attribution metrics. By expanding tech-led partnerships, we’ll also be able to enhance our software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering and thereby boost the accessibility of sophisticated eCommerce tools.

Above all, however, Acorn-i is committed to fulfilling the original plan of improving online selling for brands. Important as a primary company objective, this is especially critical now as consumers continue to turn their shopping attention towards digital. Our ultimate aim to is to create an ‘agency’ in the future sense of the term; using data-driven tools, teams and analytics to steer profitable activations that accomplish client goals.