Interview with Clio Thomas, Founder and Designer at Fine Jewellery Company: Clio Saskia

Clio Thomas

I launched Clio Saskia in 2018 with the goal of creating unique and playful fine jewellery, that celebrates our weird and wonderful natural world, with a specific focus on ethical sourcing of materials. My designs are inspired by amazing creatures found from deep under the sea to high up in the jungle canopy.

All the precious metals used in my work – such as gold, silver and platinum – are 100% recycled, and I only use Fairtrade gemstones which are traceable right back to the original mine.
Animal Inspired Fine Jewellery | CLIO SASKIA | London

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

From a very young age, I was always fascinated with the natural world, and spent hours in the garden watching snails, following ant trails or falling in the pond trying to catch an elusive frog. Nature still brings me so much joy, and I spend a lot of time watching documentaries and getting distracted on walks by particularly beautiful patches of lichen or an unusual bird.

With a background as a sculptor, I started designing fine jewellery because I loved seeing my creations not just as static objects, but as beautiful adornment being actively worn and treasured. My pieces, which are a celebration of curious animals from the natural world, have become a celebration of our own individual idiosyncrasies.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

I started out expecting to be able to show lots of people my work in person – my work is incredibly tactile and colourful, and for designs which are more unusual it is quite important for customers to be able to try pieces on.

My main adaptation to the current situation has been to vastly improve my photography skills, so I can showcase pieces virtually in a way that excites and intrigues people. Lockdown also gave me an amazing opportunity to create new work without too many distractions, so there have been positives as well as negatives to the past year.

What can we hope to see from the brand in the future?

Bigger, better and more fun! From the start, I wanted to create playful and ambitious celebrations of amazing creatures and share them with the world, and there are so many wonderful animals out there it is sometimes difficult to choose what to make next. But over the coming months, I have some dramatic pieces up my sleeve and a couple of romantic bespoke projects in the making.