Interview with Isabel Lopez from Paid Survey App: Curious Cat

Isabel Lopez

Curious Cat App is a forward-thinking mobile app that allows users to earn extra cash by completing easy-to-do surveys, helping consumers put a little extra #InTheKitty to use towards monthly outgoings.

The app is free to download and rewards users with points per survey, which can quickly add up to a payout. Unlike other apps in the space, once the £1 threshold is reached it can be taken out as cash, meaning anyone can make some extra money from anywhere, anytime, even the comfort of the sofa.

Curious Cat App gives a platform for people to share their opinion, giving valuable insight into consumer trends, allowing brands and companies to meet with realistic consumer needs. In a world where it’s hard to be heard, on Curious Cat App everyone’s opinion really does matter.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Curious Cat App was born out of the recognition that traditional survey sites weren’t catering to all users. Founded in 2017 in the UK, it’s the smarter way to take surveys and easier, via mobile with instant rewards.

Typically, online surveys are done via a website can be boring and aren’t the most phone friendly, and with a greater shift in mobile usage, we wanted to create an app that only worked on the mobile and could also reach a wider demographic to meet demand. The aim of Curious Cat App is to be friendly, fun and rewarding which is why Curious Cat App allows users to cash out after £1.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Curious Cat App now has over 1.5 million downloads and is available in 17 countries. A recent study found that global online content consumption doubled in 2020[1], with many of us being guilty of scrolling aimlessly for hours on news sites or social media. Curious Cat App helps put that scrolling time to good use as an easy way to make a little extra cash.

In the last year, Curious Cat App has continued to grow, and with many facing financial hardship, there’s never been a better time for consumers to use an app like this. Curious Cat App is here to lend a helping hand when life’s little luxuries may feel like a stretch for the bank account. The adverse effects of Covid-19 mean many are on furlough pay or unemployed, alongside the higher costs associated with household living and bills on the rise.

Curious Cat App doesn’t claim to make you a millionaire, but it is honest in helping you make a few quid for your thoughts and views.

What can we hope to see from Curious Cat in the future?

Curious Cat App is predicting 1 million extra downloads worldwide in 2021, and we hope to continue to lend a helping hand to consumers. As consumers look to make extra cash, we are in prime position to help them and hope to continue to grow our user base.

In Spring 2021, we’re launching our Golden Cat competition in the UK, offering big rewards to loyal users. Curious Cat App is more than a way for consumers to make some extra money, we want to surprise and delight our users and make them feel part of the Curious Cat App community.