A Chat with David Clare, Managing Director at Integrated Communications Agency: The Monarchs

The Monarchs is an integrated communications agency delivering PR, content, and SEO for the world’s most innovative brands across global English language markets and EMEA.

We believe PR, content, and SEO should never operate in silo. But instead, should work together, as one, rooted in insights, centred on reputation, and designed for success.

What do you think makes this company unique?

We pride ourselves on being a true partner to our clients and people. Working with or for an agency should be a positive experience, and so we put a high priority on ensuring success is delivered, communication is regular, and people’s needs are heard.

We make use of best-in-class technology, whether it is for project management, communication, or specific to PR, content, and SEO, to ensure our work is done to the highest degree, clients can easily the success, and our team can be as productive and efficient as possible.

Technology is further used for supporting our team’s mental wellbeing, physical health, and personal growth. As a remote team, we chose to partner with Calm, Fiit, and Blinkist to support on these three pillars.
Of course, non-tech benefits also help, with full pay parental leave, 40-days holiday, and quarterly meets in various cities across EMEA.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

The company officially launched in October 2022 with three staff members and three clients. Just a couple of months later, we have grown to five clients, five people, and have increased our forecasts by 20%.

What can we hope to see from The Monarchs in the future?

We’ve been so busy working on launching the agency, doing great work for our clients, and building a great culture, that we’re yet to really talk about what we’re doing and what we believe the future of global communications should be.

This will change in the future, but for now, we’ve our heads down, focused on success for our clients, team wellbeing, and positive vibes for all those involved.