Meet David Woodfine, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Cyber Security Associates

Established in 2013, CSA provides cyber consultancy and cyber managed services which help to detect, protect and educate against the ever-changing cyber threat. Its industry leading expertise is built on a foundation of Government – MOD, GCHQ and ex-Military – and commercially experienced specialists all holding current and relevant cyber certifications. All CSA employees have enhanced Government security clearance. Today CSA’s core services help protect a global client base from its 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Gloucester.

CSA is also the global platinum Managed Security Support Provider for the patented solution AppGuard, which provides real-time protection against all endpoint and server ransomware and malware, and industry partner of Pentera, specialists in Automated Security Validation™.




Tell us about the company, how did it start?

Cyber Security Associates (CSA) started back in late 2013 when myself and James Griffiths left the military and decided to join forces and set up the company as a cyber consultancy business. Prior to CSA, I served in the Royal Air Force for 20+ years as a senior engineering officer and had responsibility for the management and operation of the MOD’s Cyber Security Operations Centre. While James had a long and distinguished career as an Army Royal Signals Senior Operator, spending five years working as an Operator providing cyber offensive capability to the UK government.

We have different skill-sets within cyber security which enable us to offer a variety of consulting services that we could not do on our own. We were fortunate enough to work with a number of high-profile clients that established ourselves as credible and knowledgeable consultants. Our consulting took us all over the world including the Middle-East and the British Virgin Islands.



How has CSA evolved?

The heart of CSA has always been, and continues to be, our cyber consulting practice. Myself and James run the business and continue to undertake cyber consulting activities. We call ourselves ‘Trusted Cyber Advisors’ where we advise and help companies develop their cyber security road-maps and strategies. CSA has grown its team of consultants and now has a dedicated Cyber Consulting Team delivering various information, security assessments and advice on cyber certifications.

However, CSA has evolved the most through its development and growth of a cyber operations centre based in Gloucester, its Security Operations Centre (SOC). We decided that a SOC was the best way to develop the business as more and more companies now require a cyber managed service that gives them peace of mind knowing they have a safe pair of hands monitoring their IT infrastructure against cyber threats.

More recently CSA has received investment from FluidOne who are now using CSA to provide independent cyber security advice and services to their customer base. This investment and partnership will allow CSA to grow quickly and dynamically, with an aim to be one of the best Cyber Security companies in the UK.


What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

Our biggest challenge has been to present the dangers of the increasing sophistication of cyber threats to new clients. It is important to relay to companies that the cyber risk today is much higher than it was 12 months ago. The growing number of organised cybercrime groups, state-sponsored hacktivists and hackers are using more and more Ransomware based attacks for financial gain and disruption.

Explaining cyber risk and convincing companies that they need to invest in cyber security to mitigate the risk continues to be our greatest challenge. Nevertheless, there has been a large increase in the requirement for CSA services in 2022 as companies become more concerned by the cyber threats coming from Russia and the rise in attacks on large corporate companies.


What can we hope to see from CSA in the future?

CSA will continue to grow at pace with the backing of FluidOne. It is our intention to provide enterprise-sized cyber managed services to larger clients, using the security solutions provided by Microsoft and other established vendors. Not only will we plan for growth in revenue but we will also recruit the brightest and most talented cyber security professionals to join our team.


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