Interview with Deborah Yang, Founder and CEO at Daizy

After spending two decades working with many of the world’s biggest investors, and not even one, Deborah believes, would invest without taking risk and sustainability into account.  

Yet, while access to trading has been democratized for retail investors, they still do not have access to the appropriate risk and sustainability insights and tools. Daizy is here to change all that with the goal of improving investment outcomes.  

Warren Buffet famously says that “Markets have become a gambling parlour”, and this has resulted in poor outcomes for many investors. While even the world’s biggest investors may have been hurt, they would have undoubtedly taken risk, diversification, and sustainability into account. This is where Daizy comes in. We want the insights and best principles of investing to become widely accessible in order to create a framework for informed investors to better understand all their investments.

Launched in April 2021, Daizy is an award-winning AI enabled sustainability app for a new generation of informed investors.


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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

We live in uncertain times. Our volatile and complex world in which we currently find ourselves may have left us all feeling anxious for various reasons or another. We knew right from the start, that we wanted to create a tool that would help to inform and educate people rather than add to the noise and anxiety. Money, and the use of it, is a part of life, it should be something that we learn in school, and yet it is not. We believe that everybody should have access to the information to make the best decisions that enable financial wellness for them as individuals, so that collectively, we are all impacted in a positive way. 

People want transparency and technology driven solutions to take control of their financial wellbeing. However, the tools, the data, and the content are held closely by the institutions. So, this is where the Daizy dream was born. Daizy puts you firmly back in the driver’s seat, taking control of your investments and your life so that whilst you may not be able to control other variables around you, you can control the impact you have on who and how you invest your money, so you have better outcomes with your investments. Daizy in its purest essence, is informed investing for the anxious investor.


What do you think makes Daizy unique?

Daizy is the only app that gives you a 360-degree view on your investment performance, risk, and impact. For investors of all levels of experience who want transparency in this era of volatile and uncertain markets.

Next generation investors care about sustainability and now through Daizy, you can align your investments with your values.


How has the need for Daizy evolved over the past few years?

As people become more aware of how much impact they can have and actually drive changes in the market through who they chose to invest in, it’s never been truer that your decisions matter. People can now be key stakeholders who push institutions to act. We are undergoing a massive shift in society; economic, geopolitical and environmentally and there’s a real need for access to the right information. Investors most likely have had to go to YouTube and TikTok for their ESG insights, but today, we have democratized access to powerful ESG insights for investors to learn about companies and their stocks’ Carbon footprint, degrees warming and where it’s coming from. We are still in the early stage of ESG adoption (in its depth and breadth of adoption – how it will be applied). But the data is out there, and now is the time to leverage that info.


What can we hope to see from Daizy in the future?

We’re only just getting started with our mission here at Daizy. Our dream is to build the most advanced AI enabled investment analytics and infographics, as well as the most advanced NLP chatbot, all provided through a beautiful app that people just love to use, and we are well on our way to fulfilling this dream.

We only cover US listed stocks and ETFs, and soon we will enable stock, ETF and cryptocurrency trading soon.  So stay tuned for more details by following us on social media @daizyapp or visiting the website