Meet Edmund Glover, CEO at Events Management and Ticketing Platform: FIXR

Edmund Glover,

FIXR is an events management and ticketing platform which has become a leader in the UK nightlife space. In 2015, we raised investment and originally launched the business in UK universities. At the time, the student events market was almost entirely dominated by cash payments.

Typically, students would sell tickets behind a desk in the student union or elsewhere on campus. With our product, we wanted to help students sell their events more effectively: it was easier than handling large sums of cash, and it was more inclusive, as the events were advertised and accessible university-wide. Students represented a very demanding market because they are all technology literate so we learned a lot, very quickly, which helped improve our product offering.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

We were selling tickets to a variety of events ranging from small student society gatherings, right through to the largest student balls, many of which make hundreds of thousands of pounds in ticket sales. One of the most exciting and interesting parts of the business was selling tickets on behalf of student societies. Societies serve as a representation of the interests of the student body so we were able to acquire an extremely wide-ranging set of users, by virtue of our diverse range of event organisers. As a result, our user base became habitual, making regular transactions through the platform and returning to discover new events.

Students are the hardest to reach, and over time, the most valuable of all demographics. Other event organisers such as student unions or professional large-scale event organisers joined FIXR so they could showcase their events to this audience. By 2019, our earliest student users had graduated. Not only were they continuing to use the platform to discover events, some were also becoming event organisers themselves, in both their professional and social lives. Non-student events became the fastest-growing part of our business.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

The pandemic caused huge damage to the events industry and we worked closely with our clients to help them weather the storm. Challenges aside, it was also an opportunity to take stock of the business and the platform and develop and prepare it for the inevitable day when the sun would lift.

We set about understanding what would make ticketing and events management platforms successful in the post-pandemic world, where the use of cash, across the industry, would likely diminish even faster, and when there would likely be a post-pandemic events boom driven by event-starved ticket buyers. With a greater proportion of transactions taking place online, understanding this online audience would be crucial.

We began a project to deliver business insights to help our clients understand the characteristics of a successful event, on both a prospective and retrospective basis, so that each event can be even more successful than the last.

Today, FIXR is an increasingly plural marketplace, where events are discovered by our habitual userbase, the cornerstone of which remains our university audience. This is underpinned by our continuing journey to provide our clients with an indispensable business information and revenue optimisation platform.

What can we hope to see from FIXR in the future?

Our product is always developing and evolving in order to keep up with the world’s most dynamic events economy and anticipate the features that will help our clients stay ahead of the game. Excitingly, we’re going to take everything we’ve learned in the UK into international markets later this year and into 2023.


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