Meet Eduardo Martinez Garcia, CEO & Co-Founder at FinTech Platform: Toqio

Eduardo Martinez Garcia

Toqio is a fintech platform that gives companies the ability to create and launch fully branded banking or finance solutions as apps or on the web in weeks, not months. I co-founded the business with Michael Galvin in 2019 and we now have offices in London, Madrid, and Nairobi.

We are swiftly becoming the dominant SaaS platform for developing innovative fintech solutions, supported by a comprehensive configuration and customisation platform along with a Marketplace of trusted, reputable partners.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

My co-founder and I previously built Geniac, a SaaS platform that helped small businesses in the UK manage their day-to-day administration activities. After exiting the business, we found ourselves being pulled towards fintech.

We kept seeing the same problem, and no viable market solution. Regulation changed in the EU in 2018 with the Payment Service Directive (PSD2), and the new BaaS or banking-as-a-service category provided the plumbing for new solutions.

It felt like the same situation that has occurred again and again in the software industry, and we had an opportunity to be a first-mover to deliver a meaningful solution through fintech SaaS. By building Toqio we saw the opportunity to enable niche and ultra-specific use cases to be brought to market where traditional builds and timelines did not allow for this.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

The road to setting Toqio up was challenging. We were creating a business in a totally new category. Initially, digital banking was Toqio’s main focus, but we’ve evolved into an enterprise SaaS platform that enables financial institutions to configure and deploy unique financial solutions, with the full power of digital banking and financial orchestration that they provide.

What can we hope to see from Toqio in the future?

Toqio it is swiftly becoming THE fintech platform of choice for companies to participate in the democratization of fintech worldwide. By combining fully compliant, renowned BaaS and financial service partners with a simple and easy to use technology environment, Toqio is poised to do for fintech what WordPress did for CMS or Salesforce did for CRM.