Edward Griffin, CEO at WorkPad: Serviced Office Space in London

The vision of WorkPad was, and remains, to create and provide a simple solution for our clients and partners – a space that provides unbranded, high value, discreet office space for businesses to profile their own brand. WorkPad exists for SMEs with ambition. A sense of pride.  A want to be seen as taking their business seriously.

We offer the perfect solution for those not seeing to commit to traditional lease agreement or conventional set-up, but still desire their own offices.  Not a funky, table-tennis strewn, beanbag bonanza, but somewhere that they can make their own. Somewhere private, beautifully finished, and ready to be turned into ‘their own WorkPad’ overnight.

That’s why we offer fully serviced offices in prestige buildings without our logo plastered everywhere; it’s not about us, it’s about our client.

We’re peoples people through and through. And as an SME ourselves we understand what businesses need, where the pinch points are, where time and money is too often wasted, and now, more than ever, where flexibility is required.

Serviced Office Space in London | WorkPad

Why did you decide to join the company?


I was a big fan of WorkPad and of the work that they had been doing. I think the opportunity here in London is a really unique one. For starters, WorkPad really does live behind our values. And that’s more than just good marketing speak. As a growing business it’s actually quite impressive how this is shown in everything we do, from opening new properties and offerings, down to how we train and empower our team. It shows through the work that we do and the people we hire, and is ultimately what intrigued me to join.

Another really important part of WorkPad is that being seven years old, we’ve remained independent. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with multinationals across different disciplines, and start-ups trying to make a name for themselves; but for me, there was a big attraction in working for a founder-led independent company, and with a different type of company model.



What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?


Learn. There are many inspirational entrepreneurs and business leaders out there who often share their experiences, ideas and stories. Don’t be afraid to learn. Soak up all the knowledge you can from as many sources as you can, and apply it where appropriate. Take the best bits and leave behind the worst, ask for open feedback from those that you surround yourself with, and push forward.

In order to grow and develop you have to be willing to take risks, but research and calculate your risks rather than relying on blind faith alone.


What can we hope to see from WorkPad in the future?


WorkPad’s interests and business are growing exponentially in the London prime office market. With a rebrand in early 2021, along with the recent rollout of WorkPad HQ,  enhancing the flexible offer for both landlords and tenants used to traditional leases, WorkPad can now cater for any business regardless of size. As we continue our growth, WorkPad will ensure unbranded, high value, discreet office space for businesses to profile their own brand.

WorkPad shall be opening more prime locations with a few already lined up for a 2021 opening, and WorkPad HQ shall continue to partner with Landlords, enhancing our client offering.