Evgeny Filichkin, Investment Advisor at Keytom & FinTech50 Judge, Tells Us What He’s Looking For From Entrants

Evgeny, Tell us about yourself

I am Evgeny Filichkin, a seasoned business leader with over two decades in financial markets, including brokerage and asset management. Throughout my tenure, I’ve held key management positions in a number of financial and fintech companies and founded a couple of my own, including the crypto-fiat hedge fund AlphaBerry Capital. 

My experiences took me on a journey across banking, trading, wealth management, and, more recently, cryptocurrency sectors, all of which have left me with many insights into financial solutions and the trends that surround them. In addition to my professional activities, I am deeply committed to continuous learning and self-improvement. Completing an MBA at the Rotterdam School of Management further augmented my business acumen, positioning me as a strategic advisor for various financial enterprises.

Since the latter half of the 2010s, I have been actively collaborating with fintech companies as an outside consultant, helping them build up their products and teams. The newest in this lineup is Keytom, a neobank that positions itself as the one bank for all digital asset needs. Keytom bridges TradFi and crypto to build comprehensive products and bring about greater financial freedom on a global scale. As the Investment Advisor at the company, I am responsible for evaluating and developing its investment strategies and initiatives, implementing risk management procedures, and conducting monitoring for optimal capital efficiency.



What are you looking for from our FinTech50 entrants?

There are many factors to consider here, but one of the key aspects that I would look for is whether the companies have a clear and compelling value proposition. Their products and services need to be able to address genuine market needs and pain points. It’s not just about being innovative, it’s also about creating a positive effect on the industry as a whole through your venture.

Transparency and accountability are also a fair point of assessment in my eyes. Companies that are committed to responsible business practices are more likely to be successful in their operations and communication with clients and stakeholders. Businesses like that help foster a culture of trust and integrity within the fintech industry, ultimately contributing to its long-term sustainability.

Any advice to help people stand out from the crowd?

To answer this question, I will draw a parallel with the investment relations philosophy of the Keytom neobank: 

To ensure your investment project stands out, envision it as hosting an unforgettable blockbuster party, where guests are eager to attend and stay until the end. Start with a captivating invitation (your pitch) that clearly communicates why your event (project) is a must-attend affair. Ensure there’s something for everyone, from captivating decor (unique value proposition) to an exclusive guest list (targeted market research) and a standout DJ (innovative technology or approach).

Maintain a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere by communicating in a language that resonates with everyone, avoiding jargon that may confuse or alienate potential investors. Offer behind-the-scenes insights (transparent processes and milestones) to generate excitement and foster trust. Remember, it’s not just about the glitz and glamour; demonstrate that you’ve considered practicalities such as risk management and regulatory compliance, ensuring guests feel secure and well-cared for.

Don’t overlook the importance of proper follow-up; express gratitude to all attendees (engaging with potential investors) and share highlights and testimonials (success stories) to sustain momentum and keep the interest going. By orchestrating an event (project) that leaves a lasting impression for all the right reasons, you’ll not only attract attention but also cultivate a supportive community eagerly anticipating your next venture.