Expleo: Digital Transformation, Tech and the Climate Crisis

Expleo is a trusted partner for end-to-end, integrated engineering, quality services and management consulting for digital transformation.

Our consultants identify and mitigate business risk in technology-led transformations using standardised methodology, industrialised automation solutions, global delivery and deep domain knowledge across multiple industries.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Expleo was launched in 2018 when Assystem’s Technologies, SQS, Stirling Dynamics and Moorhouse Consulting came together to form Expleo, however our history goes back as far as 1966.

The Expleo Group consists of three divisions joining the strengths of consulting, technology and engineering to assist our clients to successfully achieve their business objectives. Together we bring the strength of customer centric strategy, applied technology and advanced engineering to help enable accelerated digital change.

The company was launched with the aim of helping today’s businesses harness the unrelenting technological change around them, and successfully deliver innovations that will help them gain a competitive advantage and improve the everyday lives of people around the globe.


Tell us about your latest research?

To effectively advise clients on the digital changes they should make, we first needed to understand what consumers want from businesses, and how they see technology playing a role in that.

This recently prompted us to conduct a consumer survey, with the aim of understanding how people want to see technology used in future.

Our survey revealed a clear interest in using tech to resolve the climate crisis. In fact, in a survey of 2000 consumers, 43% of people said they care more about technology that can reduce carbon emissions and remove plastics from the oceans, than space travel or house robots.

The results of our research suggest that consumers are keen to see technology being used to improve society as a whole and not just bring comfort in our life. This topic is not new, but the coronavirus pandemic has opened many people’s eyes to the transformative role technology can play in solving real-world problems, whether that’s streamlining the transition to remote working or accelerating innovation in the medical sector.

Today’s businesses should not ignore this, or they could face serious backlash from their consumers. More than ever, they need to focus on green technology and innovation to positively influence the planet. It is particularly true for businesses in the energy and mobility sectors: reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption, or driving electric vehicles, are top of consumers’ minds.

To reap the benefits of these new technologies, however, they must be developed and adopted in the right way. Quality assurance, trust and security are three key requirements that the technology of the future depends on to succeed. Our expertise in prioritising a seamless customer experience combined with our ability to create, test, and scale digital solutions and operationalise at pace, using our automation solutions, means that our customers systems perform reliably.

What can we hope to see from Expleo in the future?

The past few months have put enormous strain on businesses and brought into sharp focus the importance of being agile, adaptable and able to increase the pace of innovation and change at short notice. Technology is intrinsic to that – something many businesses are only now coming round to.

Building on this we’re working on Next Gen technology that enables transformative leaps in service delivery. With our AI and Machine learning testing approach, Automation First and data-driven business intelligence (BI) we will continue to drive down cost, speed up delivery and improve the quality of our clients’ developments.

Expleo Digital Labs, as our innovation incubator, has developed a comprehensive portfolio of in-house developed platforms, our Q-Services and best-in-breed partnerships with leading technology companies to ensure we have a landscape of tools or applications to cover any requirements in the delivery of end-to-end quality assurance services.

Over the next year, we will be at the forefront of supporting businesses as many take their first steps toward digital transformation. Our main goal is to ensure they’re poised for abrupt market disruption at any moment.


Interview with Expleo UK Technology MD, Stephen Magennis