Interview with Felicity Wood, Founder at The Felicity Wood Yoga App

Felicity Wood

The Felicity Wood Yoga app is like Netflix for yoga – it offers unlimited access to over 100 on-demand classes with new classes added each week, professionally filmed content and award winning yoga instruction with a well organised library for easy class selection.

The app has a range of class lengths and styles allowing people to choose the yoga for them on any given day. Classes are from five to 70 minutes long and cover a range of yoga styles including gentle yoga, runners, hatha, vinyasa flow, restorative, pregnancy, postnatal, guided meditations and relaxation exercises.


How did you come up with the idea for the app?

After hearing from students that they wanted to do more yoga away from class, and to support them during the pandemic, I launched the app to help make it easier to do yoga at home.

Even outside of a pandemic, many people can’t get to physical classes, so the app gives them a chance to make yoga a part of everyday life. My mission as a teacher is to make yoga more accessible – I am passionate about helping more people experience yoga to help them feel good in their bodies and minds.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

I launched the app during lockdown so that students could practise yoga at home. Since it launched in August 2020, over 150 people have already signed up and have collectively done more than 1,300 hours of yoga.

When lockdown hit, I felt a huge responsibility to continue to support my students. The app has been really well received and many people have told me that they like the consistency and routine. There has been a boom in home yoga during lockdown – it’s given people a way to move their bodies, alleviate stress and anxiety, and an opportunity to do something for themselves.

As well as the app I have been using other technology platforms to combine live and on-demand experiences – I host live virtual gatherings for members, I teach ‘live’ face-to-face classes via zoom and I have an active Facebook community where people can ask questions and share the experience.

What can we hope to see from the app in the future?

I plan to continue teaching via the app as lockdown lifts, with new content and group challenges to keep people accountable and motivated. We’ve seen great engagement with previous programmes – people like having a structure and focus to work with. I will be expanding the class library to appeal to different audiences, including a yoga for beginners course, yoga for the menopause, and yoga to complement a variety of sports including cycling and golf.

I think the future of yoga is going to be like the future of work after the pandemic – a mix of remote and in-person experiences. Technology doesn’t go backwards and we can use it to our advantage while still being mindful of the benefits of real life connection. The app is fostering an amazing community online, allowing people to get the benefits of yoga in a way that works for them.

The app is available to download via my website where the content it is also available as an on-demand platform via your browser. It costs £16.99 per month or £169.99 per year.