Meet Geri Cupi, Founder & CEO at Twig

Twig is a UK-based new generation fintech, rooted in circular economy principles. Its mission is to empower  consumers to value, unlock and enjoy wealth that they never knew they had. Clients have instant cash access  while disposing the goods they no longer want.

As a part of its unique proposition, Twig is now offering a carbon offsetting service, making it possible for its  clients to offset the carbon footprint of their entire lifestyle. All of this is in addition to enjoying traditional banking  service benefits (debit card, domestic and international bank transfers). Twig powers the circular economy,  making the company a positive and compelling environmentally conscious choice for the consumer.


Tell Us About the Business, How Did it Come About?

Twig was founded as a challenge to tackle ‘throw away’ culture and diminish the amount of things that end up in a landfill. It is a collective way of questioning the value of one’s wardrobe and looking at ways to give unwanted items a new lease at life. We want to work with the Twig community to help users reimagine the notion of wealth. As a Bank of Things we encourage our customers to be aware of their possessions, appreciate their value and ultimately power the circular economy. We are on a mission to facilitate capitalism and sustainability co-exist. Twig is at the intersection of these ideas.


What Have You Learnt?

Having had a few successful start-ups throughout my 20s, Twig came as a pairing of my passion for tech and social purpose, and with every new development there is a learning curve. If you spent time building a startup, having a positive impact into the sustainability can be very fulfilling for any entrepreneur.

What Challenges Have You Faced?

As being the world’s first Bank of Things, it is natural that we have had some challenges. Twig’s growth as a business has been rapid. To keep up with it, we have had to ensure that we are employing the very best people, with the right mindset ready to make a change in the world.


What Are Your Plans For Growth?

We envision Twig to be part of the new generation of fintechs, innovation driven and built with earth in mind. Twig replaces the usual banking systems and revitalising the ideas behind wealth and ways to spend money. We see Twig as coexisting within the banking ecosystem as a way to unleash wealth in places that were previously less accessible, and we envision people being able to build up credit scores and unlock financial freedom by using the Twig app constantly. We are currently looking at expanding the product offering, and we have many things in the pipeline to not only broaden what a bank can do for our customers, but also unlock new ideas and possibilities that average banking services don’t yet provide. We feel Twig can be more than a series of banking services, it can be used as a tool to educate and learn and to achieve financial literacy in the near future.