Meet Gervase Fay Fernandes, Co-Founder & Commercial Director at Health & Her

Health & Her’s mission is simple – to revolutionise the way women access the best advice and cutting-edge solutions to improve their health. We launched in 2019 and have been busy making this happen ever since.
Health & Her logo

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

We talked to lots of women about their symptoms and how much these impacted their daily life. Symptoms are causing them to question their relationships, their self-worth and their ability to do their job. It hit me hard.

We created Health & Her because we wanted something better for all women, and to ensure that we put the power back in their hands, if we make just one woman’s experience better, through our products and services, then we’re doing a good job.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

As a business we have developed our offering to ensure we meet the needs of all women, offering our free app and content to make sure every women can access expert advice and manage her female health, no matter her situation.

We recently launched a service supporting employers in the workplace, giving them the ability to offer employees access to a specialist menopause doctor as part of their workplace benefits. We plan to continue to evolve our services based on what our customers tell us is important to them.

What can we hope to see from Health & Her in the future?

Health & Her will continue to evolve and with 51% of the population going through menopause we still have a lot more women to support.

It’s important to understand Menopause can have an impact on so many levels. By empowering women to consider body, mind and lifestyle –and giving them the tools to improve their experience – we hope to really change lives for the better.