Meet Marko Guček, Founder Of GoOpti

What Is The Mission Of GoOpti?

We started GoOpti with the mission to create new opportunities. At first, we were interested in how to create a reliable and low-cost personalized service that could be profitable on long-distance routes. As avid travelers ourselves, we knew that we need to find an ideal option that can be a bit more expensive than a regular public transfer, e.g., bus or train, but still more affordable than a taxi. So, we came up with the idea to form a company that would help travelers get to the airport at an optimal time, for an affordable price, any day of the year. Our mission today is much bigger – we create opportunities and provide reliability to travelers and drivers (transport companies) by organizing dynamic shuttles on routes that aren’t directly connected by public transportation, while helping reduce the number of personal vehicles on the road.


How Has The Company Evolved During The Pandemic?

As a company focused exclusively on airport transfers, we were hit hard by the pandemic. We sadly had to let go of a big part of our team, quickly adapt to the situation, redirect our skills, and find new financing opportunities. The first thing we did was developing a grocery delivery service, which still successfully operates today and is generating some additional revenue for our franchisees. But most importantly, we have been working on new sustainable mobility solutions which enable us to use our know-how and implement it on intra- and intercity connections. We are looking at local routes in the cities where we have already established a presence, which are not covered with direct public transport and where most of the population still uses their car. With our personalized services, we want to offer them a new traveling experience that still gives them the same commodity as a personal car, but much more freedom and the option to move more sustainably.

What Can We Expect To See From GoOpti In The Future?

We want to encourage people to rethink mobility and provide them with more practical and sustainable ways to move around. Our goal is still to expand our airport shuttle services in new cities in Italy and beyond, but also to start building a shared mobility ecosystem and extend our offerings with new inter- and intracity services for daily commuters and occasional travelers. In 5 years GoOpti services will hopefully be available in ten more countries.