Interview with Greig Johnston, CEO at Mobile App Developer: Vidatec

Vidatec is an award-winning web and mobile app development company based in central Scotland. The company works with forward-thinking brands and organisations to create inspiring digital solutions, with the main aim to improve people’s lives in a more connected, convenient and entertaining way. We spoke to CEO, Greig Johnston, to find out what advice he’s got for entrepreneurs and start-ups bringing their businesses to life with a mobile strategy.
Vidatec - Figaro Digital

Please could you give us an overview of Vidatec and what you do?

We are a leading Scottish-based technology business with specific expertise in mobile app and web development. On the face of it, we build successful apps for all sizes of clients, from start-ups to large enterprise clients, but our range of in-house skills and services on offer provide real value to every organisation we work with, helping to deliver positive outcomes.


When was the company founded and what was the motivation behind it?

The company was founded in 2010 under the brand of Dogfish Mobile. The Insights Group acquired Dogfish Mobile in 2017 and rebranded to Vidatec in 2018. The motivation behind the company, and specifically the acquisition by The Insights Group, was all based on our purpose “To improve people’s experience of life through technology”. We wanted to use our gifts and skills to make a difference to people’s lives.

We understand human behaviour: it’s in our DNA. We question, we innovate, we explore what technology can do – all to improve people’s experience of life. Whether it’s to improve revenues, reach new customers and markets, improve digital service delivery or simply get ahead of the competition, we know how important the end-user experience is and we deliver against that. We bring our knowledge of how people work, and how technology works, and seamlessly deliver the desired outcome for our customers and ultimately the end-user.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

My personal advice on any new aspiring entrepreneurs would be to use the people around you to get as much support as you can, particularly in the early stages of your new business venture. Testing new ideas, building your trusted network, find the best suppliers or partners to work with – these are all critical elements of any early-stage business.

You need to have people around you that you can trust, trust to give honest feedback, trust to deliver for you when you need them and trust that they will make recommendations that are right for you and for your business. Build your network and use it every day, in every aspect of your business. Some days it will just simply be for moral support!

What can we hope to see from Vidatec in the future?

Our strategy is all about growth. Growth of our people, growth of our services and products, growth of our customers and grow into new territories. You’ll see Vidatec continue to support start-ups in the very early stages of their business, something we’ve loved doing more of in 2020.

We see this trend continuing for many years to come. We’ve supported a number of tech start-ups in the last 12 months take their idea all the way from a concept to a business case with strong designs, features and a roadmap to support funding now and future funding. We’ve been there on that journey right through to building the product and supporting businesses through their launch to market.