Ibrahim Jabary, CEO at Gamelearn: Game-Based Training and E-Learning

Ibrahim Jabary, CEO Gamelearn

Gamelearn is a video game learning platform that’s become an ideal solution for high-impact training. Not only does it offer the most awarded training video game catalog on the market, but also the only authoring tool that lets you create your own video games in just a matter of hours, with no need to code.

Since our founding, we’ve gathered years of valuable experience in developing serious games as well as applying game-based learning methodologies. Over the years, we’ve worked with over 3,000 clients to help them revamp their corporate training methods, and now we’re making way for new paths moving forward.

Gamelearn: The #1 video game learning platform

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

When Gamelearn was founded in 2007, our main goal was to make learning fun. By doing so, we could reduce e-learning’s high dropout rates and raise student engagement in their corporate training courses.

E-learning emerged as a logical solution to problems faced by traditional face-to-face training (high costs, expensive infrastructure, employee availability, etc.). However, as the high dropout rates proved, the format’s true potential was not being reached.

We figured that incorporating video games into the online training ecosystem was the answer. This way, we could use simulators to recreate real-life situations and provide trainees with relevant, timely feedback throughout the whole process.

What advice would you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Understand that starting a business is an enormous sacrifice. You should be ready to work 24 hours a day and seven days a week for at least the first few years.

Secure the cash your company will need. Costs sneak up on you, and everything takes longer than you think.

Learn from those that have done similar things in the past.

Always think about scalability: service, production, sales, etc.

What can we hope to see from Gamelearn in the future?

I think the future of corporate training will be tied to video games. This is now more true than ever and for this reason, at Gamelearn, we’ll continue to innovate and push this field forward by perfecting our platform and creating exciting, new products for our catalog.

Additionally, we seek to continue our international growth as we spread to more countries and build strategic alliances with more and more clients and partners.