Interview With Bradley Oliva

As a gambling affiliate, Bradley Oliva runs a number of different affiliate websites and has a great deal of experience in the area, so TechRound had a chat to find out his thoughts on UK affiliate marketing.

Is It Hard For Casino Affiliates To Operate in The UK?

Yes, it’s hard for casino reviewers and affiliates to operate in the UK market because competition is tough. As the UK is one of the best places to run a gambling business, several operators are vying to get amongst affiliates too. The fact that the UK has applied stricter laws to promote safe and responsible gambling makes it attractive to gambling operators across the world.

Besides, with tougher legislation to regulate sectors related to gambling, it is hard for many to operate there. If for example they cannot provide an effective policy to protect customers, they will be unable to access the iGaming market there. That is why all operators aim to operate legally in the UK, which has led to such fierce competition. In addition, with lots of Google Ads, it is challenging.

Have UKGC Changes Influenced Your Affiliate Businesses?

Yes, UKGC changes influence my affiliate businesses and I think that these changes affect all operators in the UK market. These stricter rules result in significant declines in our revenues. For example, with Gamstop exclusion, we have fewer players than before. Undeniably, the Gamstop self-exclusion scheme is created to prevent and help problem gamblers but it affects our companies.

With the law to ban credit cards for British players, we face lower deposits. Since most customers use credit cards as payment options in gambling, the number of gamblers who deposit with our platform has declined.

Did Gamstop Self-Exclusion Influence Your Site?

Yes, Gamstop self-exclusion affected my site ( because after its launch everything has changed. Despite the fact that this scheme is there to prevent problem gambling, it has affected us. Lots of players are looking for English gambling companies not participating in Gamstop and who don’t have GamCare certificate. So in effect, they want offshore casino and slots sites accepting UK customers.

They prefer these non-affiliated platforms rather than those connected to Gamstop to avoid difficulties when playing. Therefore, as all gambling operators are required to participate in the self-exclusion program Gamstop, we lost more than half of our customers.

What Do You Recommend For Newcomers Who Want To Start iGaming Businesses?

With the significant growth of the iGaming industry, operators are interested in businesses in this field. For newcomers who want to start iGaming businesses, I recommend they find a small niche and apply any means possible to grow it. I think that it is better to develop a small niche brand rather than managing a big one. When it becomes a bigger business, they can sell it too.

And after selling it, they can launch a bigger site. They should repeat these steps: finding a small niche, developing it; then selling it and launch another bigger platform.