Interview With Jason Jeffreys: Co-Founder & CEO, Fetch

TechRound recently caught up with Jason Jeffreys, co-founder of the new mobile ordering app FETCH ( who have just smashed their £150k Seedrs goal all about tech solutions during Covid-19, and their longevity on the other side…

What is Fetch My Order?

FETCH is the ultimate mobile ordering and payment solution for pubs, bars restaurants, cafes, clubs, festivals, arenas, hotels, in fact anywhere serving food and drink. It enables customers to order from their mobile device, pay and most importantly be found. FETCH Pro, our staff app enables staff to be truly mobile, receiving orders intelligently on their smartphone according to who has fewest orders, and keeps everyone socially distanced by removing queues.

How Did You Come Up With The Idea For The Business?

I got the idea from my love of the hospitality industry. I could see how much the industry was hurting with the onset of COVID-19 and I wanted to see how we could help. Having introduced guest facing technology to the hotel world more than 10 years ago, I was sure we could do something special and FETCH was born. The important bit was to have something special up our sleeves to make us stand out and customers want to partner with FETCH.

What Problems is Your Business Trying to Solve?

Frictionless ordering and payment of food and beverage. Why queue for food or wait to be served? Why wait to pay your bill? With FETCH you can order ahead if you’re in a rush, or just order on premise when you’re ready and best of all, settle your bill when you’re ready to go. Giving guests the choice of how they interact is the now “service”. Hospitality is all about service, and more people are wanting to interact through technology and not in person. This is still service just done differently, giving guests the choice to interact how they want to, not just how you want them to. Mobile ordering will become the norm just as online shopping exploded during lockdown, it is here to stay and will evolve.

How are You Unique Compared to Your Competitors?

We are the only mobile ordering and payment solution that provides pin point accuracy of a guests location. In fact our proprietary technology gives us an accuracy of 10cm inside and out. This is a game changer for the industry and allows guests to order from anywhere and be found. No need for table numbers in restaurants, no need for customers to be static. Think beer garden, hotel pool lounger ordering, a festival with no tables or fixed location points, quick service restaurants and more. The quality of service is set to be taken to a new standard by the team at FETCH.

How Has The Current Situation Changed Things For Fetch My Order?

It has accelerated the need for solutions like Fetch which ensure guests can order and pay safely through their own device and not share menus or payment terminals. From a commercial point of view we recognised that hospitality venues had been cash starved for months so wanted to give them the tools to re-open, stay open and thrive with a solution that was affordable. FETCH is completely free to use with no set up fees or monthly costs. We take a small transaction fee for processing orders and payments.

What Current Tech Trends Excite You?

I’m really excited about AI and AR and how we can use this to enhance the service offering even further. We are using AI and AR combined with wearables to give us real time data on the guest experience. Hospitality providers will inevitably be looking to tech to help them to do more with less, to wow their guests and to stand out from the crowd. We are ideally placed to assist them.

What Can We Hope To See From Fetch My Order Post COVID-19?

As mentioned earlier, proprietary location technology, AR and there is even something I wasn’t going to mention but I will. With our open tab and location technology, we will see pretty soon no need to close / pay your bill – as soon as you leave the venue, you will be automatically charged.

Do You Have Any Advice For People Who Want To Put Their Ideas and Business On Crowd Funding Platforms?

Crowdfunding works best for businesses that are B to C as your investors become your advocates and really help spread the word.