Interview With Quollify Founder Ron G Holland

We speak with Ron G Holland, the respected entrepreneur and uber-guru who is also the CEO and brainchild behind new human capital matching app Quollify. With Quollify, Holland will bring both order and ease to the chaotic world of online business matching, providing companies of all sizes with a fast and free service that instantly connects them with a global pool of talent to take their organisations forward.

In this exclusive interview, Holland reveals the genesis of the app and how it will “disrupt the disruptors”, what it will offer to users, and why he is confident that it will quickly grow into a billion-dollar business.

You are the founder of forthcoming human capital matching app Quollify. Why is there a pressing need for such a service?

Currently, considering the size of the market place and demand, there are only a very few places where one may go to find talented human capital. Unfortunately, they are driven by legacy businesses, reliant on outdated technologies, that have become dinosaurs of the matching industry and which operate on monetisation methodologies that really slow down the search process.

Our belief, is that corporates and entrepreneurs should be able to access global talent very quickly, FREE of charge. Additionally, the timing is perfect as there are currently four major trends that ratify the launch of the app: growth in our target market; growth in use of apps; growth in mobile video; and acceptance & use of enabler services.

What users can expect from the Quollify app?

A simple but hugely effective user experience (UX), where users will generate their own 30-second elevator pitch videos, and can expect quollified matches FAST, delivered in the form of highly relevant shortlists. They will quickly be able to see whether they like or not whom they see.

They will be able to experience business at the speed of thought and very quickly locate suitable executives for every role, at whatever stage their startup or business is in. As they go further into the app, they will be encouraged to put up more data in their own a time, at their convenience, and in any order they prefer. They will be alerted to the fact that if they create a video and fill in all the text questions (mostly ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ tick boxes) then they will be dramatically improving their chances of better matches.

How does the Quollify app provide a solution to the human capital matching issues currently faced by entrepreneurs and businesses?

The Quollify app was designed from the outset to deliver qualified (or as we as call them, ‘quollified’) matches FAST. We have taken away all the barriers inadvertently placed by other matching search engines, including limiting the number of searches and outreaches that you can make, having to pay for a higher tier and/or additional services, and not being able to see exactly whom you are talking to.

Once your video matches with your counterpart, and you like what you see, and they, too, like what they see, the quollification process begins. Just like in the real world, you can ask questions of each other digitally and get to the bottom of things very quickly. Do you have a CV, a business plan, pitch deck, references, and testimonials? All this can be done at the speed of thought and saves time on coffee, lunch meetings, or formal interviews. Once you have ascertained that there is a mutual match, only then will you set up a Zoom/phone call or real-world meeting.

How far is the Quollify app in the development cycle, and when can we expect it to launch?

Although Quollify is at the MVP stage, we are much further down the road than most folk imagine. We have extremely good communication process within the development team, who are driven to continually develop the app in line with the original vision. The release date will be four months after completion of the £3m round of funding.

How did you come up with the idea for the app?

Approximately two years ago I started studying dating apps, seeing how they were creating matches between couples and understanding their market cap. The more research that I did on apps, the more intrigued I became and then I came across TikTok. The epiphany moment came when I thought to myself how great it would be if business folk and entrepreneurs could put up 30-second videos and get instantaneous matches. The idea took over my mind and I started to assemble my global A-Team.

Just as things were clicking into place, however, I got hit with serious mouth and throat cancer and found myself having to go to hospital every day for three months, losing my voice for two months after the intense chemotherapy and radiation. Then Covid hit and both the UK and the world appeared to grind to a halt. I used the time wisely and developed the Quollify idea, fundraising and launch even further. Within the last three months we have got the show back on the road and have discovered that we have got the bull firmly by the horns.

What would you say qualifies you to deliver on the vision for this app?

I’ve been an entrepreneur and business mentor for over 50 years, and was the first person to raise over £1million in the City for an internet company, back in 1994. I’m a people person. I understand what makes people tick, what motivates, and how to create rapports at an unconscious level. I also bring joined-up right and left-brain thinking to every project, a key component for achieving a successful outcome. It’s what I have been studying, utilising, and writing about for the past 40 years.

In addition to this, I am a marketing person and can clearly see that the vast majority of apps have not been marketed at all, let alone properly. Finally, I am a team builder and I am pulling together a team of IT professionals and marketing guys at the top of their field who are driven to focus on one vision. It is what I do best.

Quollify is based on a novel 30-second video format that allows users to state exactly what they need, and receive quollified matches within seconds.

What are the market projections for the app, and its growth potential?

Global human capital matching is a trillion-dollar market but, at present, it is extremely disorganised and highly fragmented. The apps market is also huge. Nationwide revenue from app sales in the UK alone amounted to over $2billion last year.

At the end of 2020 there were over half a billion entrepreneurs worldwide. In the UK, where we will launch, using it as our incubator. There are nearly six million SMEs and despite, or maybe because of, Covid, last year showed a massive growth of startup companies.

We are in the process of carving out a big slice of this market for Quollify. Make no mistake, the organisation of human capital is a massive task that we haven’t undertaken lightly. Our program is one of education, enlightenment, consolidation, and constant striving to be at the forefront.

What can you tell us about the team you have assembled to bring the app to market?

We have a management team of seasoned professionals with decades of experience—all who have had major successes in their own right. Some have taken many businesses into the hundreds of millions and others into the billions. We are in the early stages of recruitment but we have sound strategies in place to attract talent from all over the world.

The beauty is that we are at still early enough in our development to afford plenty of room for talented individuals and teams to join us at every level of the organisation. We are particularly seeking a Director of Wow!, Acquisitions Manager, and Head of Marketing.

A hugely important element of our business is the data and the way we are able to collect and use that within the app, to help users. We are currently talking to world-leading AI teams but are actively seeking an AI lead, along with prominent data scientists who specifically have in insight into the human capital arena.

You are now seeking outside involvement, including investors, to bring the app to market. Tell us more about these opportunities, and why investors should back it?

We are always in dialogue with numerous investors, simply because no one could hit the end goal of over 500 million users on a £3million budget, hence the reason why we are always seeking back-to-back rounds of funding.

Investors are taking us very seriously and so are strategic partners. No one in the world is tackling the human capital problem—and opportunity—with such clarity of thought. Investors that we have spoken to so far can see that we have not only got our minds around the software, matching engines, and AI in a big way but also that we are consummate marketing professionals and are already generating unprecedented global interest in the app during the pre-launch stage. When they see the activity planned for post-launch, they are blown way and claim they have seen nothing like it. Further, we speak the language of capital growth and that is what serious tech investors are interested in.

The Quollify app will be free to users. How will it be monetised in the future?

Ultimately, the app will be monetised, but the raison d’etre has always been quollifed matches FAST, over and above every other priority. Therefore, monetisation will not be allowed to get in the way of intelligent searches for human capital. The business model that we have set up is like YouTube, which is a media model and works extremely well. People can put up as many videos as they like or require to attain a certain result.

In the fullness of time there will be many additional discreet and quollified service features which users can pay for that will dramatically enhance their businesses, such as highly targeted mastermind mind groups, teaching and training, and education on how to maximise the potential of human capital, as well as the establishment of groups seeking specific strategic alliance partnerships, mergers and acquisitions.

The app will come with a powerful suite of tools but what future services are you planning to roll out on Quollify in the long-term?

As the Chairman of Quollify I can say that most, if not all, of my technical team speak in riddles, but they always seem able to convert my dreams into reality and deliver exactly what is needed.

My Business Development Director, Darrell Mott, interpreter, friend, and colleague for over 30 years reliably informs me that the next suite of tools that will be rolled out in the coming months and years will be awesome, but the team know as soon as I get a sniff of what’s coming down the pike and assimilate the tools into layman’s terms, I will be the first to proudly leak them all to the press! Incidentally, whilst I was busy being the first entrepreneur in the City to raise over £1m for an internet company, Darrell was digitalising Arsenal F.C., creating massive online (and paid-for) membership clubs, delivering valuable content packaged in a way that no other online business was able to achieve.

This helped to create millions in online sales and was one the UK’s first big Internet success stories.

Quollify will have its own magazine, Human Capital. Can you explain more about this?

This is a major project that really excites me because I am a marketing man and I know the importance of creating interest in the app, ongoing education, and continuous driving of traffic. The headline banner on the front on the magazine states, “Man Power, Women Power, Mind Power”, whilst the footer states, “If Financial Capital is the Life Blood of Business—Human Capital is the Oxygen” .

We have intentionally attracted quollifed and gifted contributors, editors, and graphic designers from a global pool of talent and who really understand many aspects of human capital from a corporate and entrepreneurial viewpoint that is not only important now but well into the future. The magazine will be packed with informative articles, features, trends, insights, and guidance on the organisation of human capital and much more. Also included will be updates, tips, and shortcuts on how other users are getting the most of the app and getting it to deliver.

Described as the “Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur”, Ron G Holland is a serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, and business mentor, specialising in fund raising, cost effective marketing, and growth and strategy. He was the first in the City to raise over £1million for an internet company, in 1994. He is the founder of new business matching app Quollify, which has just launched back-to-back funding rounds for circa £3million, £10million and £100million, alongside seeking strategic alliance partners, potential acquisitions, and contributors to the forthcoming Quollify app magazine, Human Capital. You can visit and register your interest in the app and—at the same time—grab a free copy of one of Holland’s many classic business guides, Turbo Success – How to Re-Program the Human Biocomputer.