A Chat With Ryan Looysen, CEO of Swedish Watch Brand: TRIWA

Tell us about TRIWA

TRIWA was started in 2007 by four friends who wanted to change the watch industry, by turning a watch from a status symbol to a statement symbol. Today, TRIWA is much more than this. It’s about driving positive change in the world by using innovative materials such as recycled ocean plastics and metal from seized firearms. As a brand, supporting causes that people care about such as ocean health, gun violence and female empowerment is a core component of ensuring that we actually stand up for what we believe in, to help make the world a better place.

What do you think makes this company unique?

TRIWA is more than a brand, it’s a mission. We are genuinely here to drive positive change, and every day – through how we work, who we work with, and the products we offer – this is what we do. We don’t just talk the talk; we campaign, we donate and we elevate. For example, TRIWA’s Time for Power range was designed FOR women BY women, and a percentage of all our sales goes to support ‘Girl Up’: a charity that fights gender inequality and empowers girls into becoming confident women. We’re also 100% transparent about our processes and our carbon footprint – not just as a company but for each product – so our customers can make informed choices and better understand our impact on the planet, and how we can collectively reduce that impact over time.

How is the company evolving?

We noticed that there are a lot of people that love what we do and want to support us in achieving our goals, but, sadly, not all people are into watches! And, if we’re to encourage sustainability then we certainly don’t want someone to buy an item and not use it. So, we’re looking to branch out and offer more products, in more places in the world, and via more channels. Each new product will, of course, be developed with the same change-focused strategy and with sustainability and environmental and social awareness at the core.

What can we hope to see from TRIWA in the future?

Future products aside, TRIWA is driving a movement that is transitioning away from angry, antagonistic activism, and encouraging intentional positive action: a movement where progress, breaking boundaries and keeping them down is the ultimate goal. By partnering with organisations, charities and independent artists who share this mindset, we can collectively give a louder voice to causes we believe in. Fundamentally, we might be selling watches, but it’s activism that is the true product – the watch is simply a mechanism for achieving it,