Interview with Andrew Jervis, Co-Founder at Online Car Repair Marketplace: ClickMechanic

With a mission to bring trust, transparency and convenience to car care, ClickMechanic is an online marketplace that allows car owners to connect with mobile mechanics all over the UK.

We make car repair and servicing easy, giving motorists access to trusted mechanics who come to your door at your convenience.

Our mechanics are fully vetted and qualified, you get an instant fixed price quote which makes getting yourself back on the roads just a few clicks away.

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What’s the idea behind the company?

Our whole vision is about making car repairs as easy and accessible as possible by enabling customers to get fixed price quotes online and bringing mechanics you can trust right to your door.

Many of us are reliant on our car for our everyday lives, whether it’s dropping the kids off to school, commuting to work or doing the grocery shop – so when it’s out of action it can be a major headache.

On top of that, it’s not always convenient or possible to bring it to a local garage, and it can be difficult to find a mechanic you think you can trust or who won’t rip you off.

My father, brother and grandfather were all mechanics so I’ve grown up in the industry.

My co-founder Felix Kenton and I just thought there must be an easier way to get vehicles back up and running as quickly as possible.

How has the company evolved over the past few years?

In the early days after our launch in 2012, we had lots to do. We had to raise capital, build the company from the ground up and, most importantly, find customers and mechanics to work with.

We were doing really well and had grown a lot, then like most companies Covid-19 came along and we had to think on our feet.

We lost 50 percent of our website traffic in a few days, so we had to adapt to find Covid-safe ways to operate, which led us to starting contact-free repairs where the customer and the mechanic didn’t have to meet in person.

Fortunately, we came out of the pandemic on a strong footing after making some changes to the business, and it has allowed us to rethink what we will do in the future.

For example, we found our staff appreciated the flexibility of working remotely and productivity went up, so that’s something we will keep going forward.

What can we expect to see from ClickMechanic in the future?

Our ultimate vision is to make car care easy for everyone, everywhere. To achieve this we’re continuously innovating and developing our product which will lead to more new exciting car care service releases in the coming 24 months.

These new services will of course offer consumers the same trust, transparency and convenience which has become synonymous with the ClickMechanic brand in the UK car care market.

It’s not just our consumers who will be getting our attention but also the mechanics and service providers on our network.

These partners are the lifeblood of the company and we want to ensure we continue to build the right tools for them to effectively run and grow their businesses especially following a challenging couple of years.


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