Interview with Anishka Prasad, Founder of RESOLV

We caught up with Anishka Prasad, founder of LawTech start-up RESOLV, to talk all things from the importance of streamlining processes to striving to make law firms paperless…

Tell us about RESOLV

RESOLV is an app for lawyers and mediators that has carefully considered the workflow process involved in a mediation or dispute resolution, that no other technological app can provide at this stage. It will revolutionize the way in which lawyers do their jobs and not only save them time and resources but also guarantee the integrity of the process that is every lawyer’s concern. Having the ability to record, transcribe and store these sessions, with that level of accuracy and reliability has not been demonstrated by any of our incumbent competitors and we hope to be the difference the improves processes for the better.


How did you come up with the idea of the company?

I founded RESOLV after my experience as a Lawyer and Entrepreneur, and as I extended my expertise in the field as a LawTech enthusiast. I started my career off in commercial disputes and litigation in New Zealand gave me a sound understanding of the process of dispute resolution and mediation. Being a process-driven person, I identified the lack of tools available to lawyers to give them the confidence of relying on secure and consistent record keeping of Online Dispute Resolution processes employed by them. Combining my experience and knowledge of legal practice with my passion for LawTech, I founded RESOLV to better enable fellow practitioners.

How has the need for RESOLV evolved during the pandemic?

During these unprecedented times of a pandemic that has shaken most industries in the way that they conduct business, the legal industry is no different. The need for apps such as RESOLV is now even greater than ever, as most lawyers and law firms did not have the infrastructure to conduct business as usual in the new normal and struggled to perform under work from home conditions.

An app such as RESOLV will be of benefit beyond the duration of this pandemic, as it gives legal practitioners the flexibility to work from home when they need to or employ usual business practices from their offices when they prefer to. The remote access feature makes it accessible for them to access their client notes, database and contact clients with ease.

What can we hope to see from RESOLV in the future?

RESOLV’s vision is to provide end-to-end mediation sessions via video meetings, which are encrypted and transcribed to provide the subscriber (lawyer/mediator) with the confidence of having consistency of process each time, along with all tools needed during and after a mediation process on one consolidated platform.

RESOLV has kept sustainability in mind and aims to help law firms become as paperless as possible in the future, with most necessary workflow patterns being captured on the app and database being directly accessible to the lawyers, mediators, and law firms. With most necessary data being easily accessible, the need for taking notes the conventional way will slowly diminish and allow more sustainable practices.