Interview with Asal Shirazi BEM, Founder of Skincare and Wellbeing Brand Jeunvie

We caught up with Asal Shirazi BEM, founder of skincare and wellbeing brand Jeunvie to learn more about her products and why it’s so important for women to be careful about what they put on their skin…

Tell us about Jeunvie

Initially, Jeunvie started as a safe skincare range for my own use after being diagnosed with a life-limiting condition that is known to be triggered by environmental factors. I was suffering badly from autoimmune-related skin conditions due to my disease and chemotherapy, and quickly realised the importance of safe skincare.

Using my medical scientific background and experience, I started researching products and decided to create a skincare range for myself and my young children, that didn’t include any harsh chemicals.

Why is it important for pregnant women to be careful about what they put on their skin?

60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream. Between our skin and hair care routines, there could be over 550 chemicals being absorbed into our bodies weekly. Some of these chemicals can sadly have a detrimental effect on a growing embryo, which can be dangerous.

Having 5 children myself, it was important for me to create skincare products that removed many of these harmful chemicals and allowed pregnant women to buy and use them without worrying.

What advice would you give to other female entrepreneurs?

Have patience, perseverance, and expect challenges but don’t ever give up. Research and be confident in your plan. Don’t be afraid to take a risk as long as it’s calculated. You will get many knockdowns but patience, education, and research will prevail in the end.

What does the future of Jeunvie look like?

With current global events and a rise in the number of people suffering from cancer and autoimmune diseases, the world is becoming more aware of wellbeing, and women are starting to look for healthy skincare that is environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly.

When I first started Jeunvie, I faced a lot of skepticism for my vision of purely plant-based skincare. Now, consumers are more aware of the dangers of certain chemicals and mindsets are shifting towards products that are more natural and chemical-free. This awareness has increased through the expansion of digital and social media, which in turn has increased public knowledge.

My aim is to continue to educate people on the dangers of harmful chemicals and help drive the growing shift towards plant-based wellbeing and safe skincare products for women.


Jeunvie is available to purchase on Amazon from today.

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