Interview with Bogdan Popescu, Founder of BeCard

We caught up with Bogdan Popescu, founder of BeCard, to talk all things from the importance of going paperless to their partnership that contributes to reforestation…

Tell us how BeCard started

Well first and foremost I’m a businessman, I’ve been in business for a long time, and I’ve noticed that the paper business card is still dominant out there. Whenever I attend a networking event, I end up leaving with a stack of business cards that are both damaging to the environment and frustrating to work with. I have a hectic schedule, and I don’t have time to spend days manually capturing contact information from paper cards. So, after spending countless hours searching for a tool to make this process more efficient, I came up with my own solution and BeCard was born.

So what does BeCard do?

BeCard provides the user with a personal electronic business card, and it eliminates the mundane task of inputting information into electronic contact databases. When using the BeCard app, the user can ‘swipe and swap’ a unique identifier code to exchange their business details to their newly made contact. Green servers using 100% renewable energy power the app itself, while the developers used green coding techniques and green data (a process used to reduce the energy demands on physical servers and systems) to design BeCard.

We’re also working in partnership with Reforest’Action to contribute to reforestation actively.

How is BeCard different from other apps?

Well aside from being an environmentally conscious electronic business card provider, I’d say our main competitors are the old ’ scan card’ apps that use cameras within smartphones to capture physical paper business cards.

In my opinion, these solutions only ever solved half of the battle. They don’t wholly irradicate the need for paper, nor do they provide a solution for quickly sharing contact information with others. We spent a long time developing our sharing process, making it frustration-free for our users, and BeCard integrates with popular CRM systems, such as SalesForce, making the process of implementing BeCard into our user’s workflow a breeze.

What does the future hold for BeCard?

Due to Covid-19, we’ve already seen companies all over the world require their employees to work from home, and I think this is a trend that will continue. We’re lucky in that BeCard enables users to exchange their business details without the need of being physically present, so we have a sustainable business model in terms of the ‘new normal’ way of working.

But old habits will need to die-hard for BeCard to become a success. Looking to the future, we need to raise awareness of the damage that paper business cards cause to our planet, in the US companies are printing an average of ten billion business cards every year – that is around 20 times the circumference of the earth! So if we can help to reduce this margin, even by a small amount, then I think we’ll be doing the world a lot of good.