Interview with Bunmi Scott, Founder of Eco Wellbeing Start-Up It’s All About You

We caught up with Bunmi Scott, founder of eco wellbeing business It’s All About You, to chat everything from the importance of eco-friendly products to how being diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease inspired her to take the leap and start her own business…

Tell us about It’s All About You

It’s All About You is an eco-friendly health and wellbeing business focusing on plastic-free and zero waste living. We strive to help our customers to find suitable alternative earth-friendly products that are toxic-free and plastic-free. Our health is essential to everything and it’s important to optimise our wellbeing.

Our private health tests help our customers to take control of their health by monitoring their wellbeing. Health tests from vitamins and minerals to DNA wellbeing tests, Thyroid tests, diabetes, inulin, gut health tests and much more. We offer customers the option to buy one-off tests or to subscribe. All results are available with a doctor’s or nutritionist’s comment that helps to analyse the results. As well as this, we also offer a range of essential supplements to help our customers from everyday vitamins and minerals to probiotics and more. A big focus of our business is also eco-friendly and plastic free products. I believe that just as much as we are our bloods, we are what we eat and what we use day-to-day. Many products are full of hidden toxins that are bad for both ourselves and our environment. This is why we offer the range of eco-friendly and plastic free products that we do.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I became unwell at the age of 24, losing my eyesight and being unable to walk amongst a range of other ailments. I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease that causes relapses and can mean I get ill at any time. At my worst, I was determined to pull through and to find my path to healing. I decided to take control of my health alongside my medical doctors. I started to test myself and monitor my results and from there optimising my health. Tweaking things here and there to make sure that my results were better as much as possible. I overhauled my health from what I ate to how I exercised, the supplements I used, and the products I used on my skin and in my home. From this, I came up with the idea to start my business as it is today.

Why is it important for people to make a move towards eco-friendly products?

Our world as it is today is in trouble. It’s not just litter on the floor but its deeper than that. The sea is submerged with litter from each of us and we have to unlearn what we have in order to help the earth. Eco-friendly products are not just about being plastic-free, they are also about being toxic-free too. Eco-friendly products and living reduces the harm that we are doing to the earth. It’s all about the future and how we can leave a better earth for future generations. Ethical eco-friendly products will help towards this.

What advice would you give to female entrepreneurs looking to start a business?

I would say trust your gut instinct. My intuition has carried me as far as it has to date. There have been times when more experienced mentors have not fully understood my vision but I have trusted it knowing and feeling that it was right. Look at external factors, read, research and know your industry inside out.

Know that you will make mistakes along the way but don’t let this stop you following your vision. I am a mum with two kids just 6 and 7 and I have been running my business since my first pregnancy. As females we are unstoppable. Surround yourself with people that will support your vision and that will help you to grow.

What can we hope to see from the company in the future?

We have huge growth planned from more eco-friendly and plastic free refill shops to a bigger range of own-label products and more. Everything we do is about what is best for all. I want to continue doing what I can to help better the world for us now and all in the future generations too.