Interview with Caroline Sande, Founder at TravelEatSlay

TravelEatSlay is more than a brand; it’s a community of (mainly) female millennials with disposable income, a healthy appetite for travel, food and trying out new experiences. With three words that evoke feelings of power, independence and a really good time it is a movement.
We sell merchandise allowing you to travel with a bold statement. In 2019 the brand expanded to hosting group day trips around Europe showcasing an alternative style of travelling without breaking the bank. While creating a platform to create engaging travel content and work with brands.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?


Through my personal travels and working within the travel scene I was inspired to provide a souvenir or memento for young travellers to express themselves during their travels. I used to travel around the world for work, stay in luxurious hotels and wanted to document the lifestyle I was experiencing.
Once I got the brand on a t-shirt and wore it around, it sparked positive interest and I knew I was onto something. From then I researched into printing companies to get bulk orders and the e-commerce brand was born.


What can we hope to see from TravelEatSlay in the future?


We are launching The Travel Boxx which is a travel subscription box. An idea sparked through conversations with other travel content creators during quarantine on the lack of an all in one travel essentials box. The box will include 5-7 items TSA Approved items including tech gadgets, skincare and smart travel options.
These essential items can be used while travelling or at home and it’s a great way to discover new products and product placement for start-up brands. At present we are currently crowdfunding and handpicking the brands we want to collaborate with this initiative – so watch this space!