Interview with Casper Rasmussen, CEO and Co-Founder at Monta: Supercharging UK Electric Vehicle Charge Points

Casper Rasmussen

Monta is an electric vehicle (EV) charging app aiming to revolutionise EV charge point infrastructure across Europe. We launched very recently in the UK in August 2021, and our app – available through the web or on iOS and Android – looks to complete the circle between EV drivers, site owners and charge point installers.

The app allows any company, organisation, public site, and homeowner to install, set up, and manage electric vehicle charge points. This could be for employees, hotel guests, supermarket shoppers, or general EV drivers. Through the app, charge point owners can then manage users, power usage, pricing, access and transactions.
Share, track and optimise your EV charge point with Monta

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Monta was founded in December 2020, so although we’re still very early on in our journey, we feel we’ve come a long way already. The idea behind the business was born out of frustration with the electric vehicle charging market. We couldn’t believe it was possible to drive around in an electric car packed with cutting-edge technology while the charging experience is limited to practically a start and stop function.

Eventually, an idea sparked: charging an electric vehicle should be at the same level of innovation, if not higher, than driving it. This was the beginning of Monta, and after assembling an experienced team of senior professionals in the electric vehicle and charge point industry, Monta secured a large investment on a promise to change the entire market through technology.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

In the beginning, we were very focused on presenting our solutions to different industries, such as the hospitality industry. However, we quickly realised that the hospitality industry was still recovering and focused on cutting costs rather than making investments and initiating partnerships with a brand new company.

That is partly why we shifted our focus to installers and charge point operators. For example, installers already have a relationship with businesses in the hospitality industry and with our charge point management software, they have a customisable EV charging solution to present to their customers. This lowers the barriers for entering the hospitality industry since the customers already know their installers.

From a company perspective, the pandemic hasn’t had a great effect on us. Being a tech company, we’re used to working with people remotely. We even have a colleague who lives just 20 minutes away from our headquarters in Copenhagen, but who has been remote since November 2020.

What can we hope to see from Monta in the future?

In short: continued growth, further expansions, and more connections. The electric vehicle market is outpacing all expectations right now, and we’re in a good place to be able to support drivers and businesses in the UK and across Europe. We already count more than 6,000 active users on the app – aiming for 400,000 by 2022 – and have helped make 50,000 EV charges since it launched back in February.

By elevating the charging experience, we believe we can help accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and a sustainable transformation in transportation. Just like the EV industry, the future for Monta is looking bright, and we’re really looking forward to supporting the UK in making a positive switch.