Interview with Cheryl McCain CEO of Travel Observed

Travel Observed is a travel and culture publication created by Cheryl McCain dedicated to shining a spotlight on the very best destination guides and hotel reviews while discovering the essence of a new place. Travel Observed achieves this by talking to local people and connecting with knowledgeable guides to help people really understand a place.

What do you hope to see 2021 bring to the travel industry?

When it is safe to travel again, I believe that people will be eager to get back out there. I think this pent up demand will result in some pretty epic vacations, whether that’s a luxury hotel stay or an incredible outdoor adventure. I look forward to hearing new stories from my fellow travellers and sharing those stories with our readers.

On the flip side, I hope some of the online cultural activities are here to stay. It’s been great to take part in virtual wine tastings and museum tours from the comfort of home. Technology has been so helpful with connecting people and giving them access to otherwise unobtainable travel experiences.

What is the best travel advice you’ve ever received?

The best travel advice I’ve ever received is to keep an open mind when visiting a new destination. It’s easy to avoid the unfamiliar, but when you do, you miss out on the sights, sounds and tastes that make travelling so exciting and impactful.

Another great piece of travel advice is to leave time in your itinerary to wander off the beaten path, since that is likely where you’ll find more authentic places and strike up conversations with new people.

Can you share with us any plans for Travel Observed?

Travel Observed has plans to expand its interview series featuring travel experts from around the world. To learn more about a destination, Travel Observed connects with local tour guides to explore unique cultural insights and useful travel tips. Recent interviews have included some really amazing travel experiences, such as navigating hawker centres in Singapore, whiskey tasting in Ireland and gorilla trekking in Rwanda, and we look forward to continuing the world tour!