Interview with Craig Beddis, CEO at Deeptech Start-Up: Hadean

Craig Beddis

We are a deeptech startup with a mission to change the nature of computing. Our reimagined distributed computing platform enables massive scale applications without any of the engineering complexity or cost associated with existing methods. Customers include leading scientific institutes, the biggest games on the planet and global tech providers.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The motivation for Hadean came out of looking at a historical issue within distributed computing. At the core of our platform, we’ve redesigned a nearly half-century-old technology stack and reduced it from millions of lines of code to just thousands. Building applications such as Aether Engine and Muxer Edge Network on the Hadean platform provides developers access to its distributed properties, without all the infrastructure constraints issues associated with the existing tech stack.


How has the need for Hadean evolved during the pandemic?

Being able to adapt to change is perhaps the most fundamental tenet of management and companies rarely succeed when they’re static. In this sense, the pandemic was a key test of our business functionality. With the sudden surge of meetings and events being moved to virtual platforms, we began placing a greater emphasis on how Hadean could facilitate this.

One highlight was our work with Xsolla, where in under six weeks we integrated our technology into their virtual Game Carnival, increasing the limit of supported users from one hundred to five hundred. The drive for online connectivity also led us to further bolstering the capabilities and independence of Muxer Edge Network, our new connectivity model.

Perhaps the most Covid specific change was looking at Hadean’s potential in the life sciences and this was exemplified with our work modelling the spread of the virus, both in the lungs and the wider population. All in all, this year tested how dynamic we are, and I’m thankful for the lessons we have learned from it.

What can we hope to see from Hadean in the future?

After success proving our tech in the games industry, we have begun to look at the uses in other kinds of simulation, stemming from the metaverse through to digital twin and industry 4.0.

In a wider sense, we continue to drive at our mission of delivering greater access to computing resources. Hadean’s platform lowers the barrier to entry for distributed computing and allows people to build cloud-native apps with much greater ease. In this way, we hope to accelerate the process of finding solutions to global problems that require high computational power.