Interview with Dan Clark, CEO of

We caught up the CEO of, Dan Clark to talk all things, a collaboration between scientists, musicians and developers who each believe that the best approach to functional music is not curation of existing music, but through research, testing, and in every way crafting music with function first.


Why was started?

Before existed, Adam Hewett, an auditory neuroscientist (who then went on to found, invented brain entrainment software and sold it to a niche following: auditory neuroscientists, researchers, clinical therapists, and biohacking hobbyists.

Those who listened to the AI-generated music could zone in effortlessly and sustain their focus for as long as they needed to. Adam eventually released his patented technology to the masses after realizing there was a pressing need for focus solutions.

In today’s hyper-stimulated world, the desire for harnessing high-quality focus only continues to rise. And because we believe the best life is balanced and not just a productive one, Brain.FM also includes mental states that pivot our users to relax, meditate, and sleep on demand.


What makes different?

Because the core technology behind our functional music is patented, there’s no other music on the market that does what we do. Our technology enables your neurons to lock in with the rhythmic patterns emitted from our music, elevating you to your desired mental state (focus, relaxation, meditation, sleep) in minutes.

In addition to our core technology, we’ve employed 3D spatialization to elicit the feeling that the music is coming from the space around you, further shifting the focus from any mental chatter to the task at hand.

Despite the multi-layered research-driven technology at work, our music also sounds exactly like music. We have brilliant in-house musicians who compose the musical aspects of our sound (melodies, chord progressions, etc.), all before the technological elements are added on.


What has learnt over the years?

We know produces amazing results for people. What we’ve learned is that the real life-changing developments happen when people fully leverage mental states on-demand in their daily routine. That’s when they’re able to reach that upper limit of life potential. Thus, we are steadfast in optimizing our app & producing best-in-class content around habitual use, so it can be incorporated as a 360-wellness solution.


What are the plans for in the future? 

The future of is personalization. While our current tech gets results with people across the board and around the world, we understand that (A) every person’s brain operates a little differently, and (B) everyone has a different vision they’re working toward. We want to continue providing our users the power of customizing our technology to fit their brain, their lifestyle, and the important things they’re committed to. We just rolled out a new feature — “Neural Effect Filter” — which allows users to adjust the intensity of our “neural phase-locking.”