Interview with David Boxshall, Head of International Expansion at Pod Group

David Boxshall, Head of International Expansion, Pod Group

Pod Group is a specialist in complete connectivity solutions for IoT applications, bringing over 20 years’ experience, research, and innovation to the telecommunications market.

With offices worldwide and access to more than 600 networks in 185 countries, Pod provides the IoT connectivity solutions needed to launch and scale IoT deployments globally. Our portfolio includes advanced eUICC technology and private cellular networking (pLTE) solutions that are specifically geared towards providing connectivity for the enterprise.
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Why did you decide to join Pod Group?

Connectivity is a key enabler of IoT, and, with the global market in constant evolution, the team at Pod Group are always looking for ways to provide new and improved solutions that will enable enterprises, both large and small, to leverage the full potential of their IoT applications.

For me, the draw was being able to form part of such a diverse, global team that would let me grow professionally in a rapidly developing sector. It’s definitely exciting to be part of a company that has been classified as both a next-generation IoT connectivity provider and an IoT connectivity disruptor!


How has the need for Pod Group evolved during the pandemic?

We recently conducted some research in the emerging African market, interviewing several companies in the telematics and logistics industry to find out how IoT connectivity solutions are benefitting the sector.

Interestingly enough, we found that investing in IoT solutions is, in fact, helping companies pivot their businesses to close the gaps in the market and create new revenue streams as customer needs change amidst the pandemic – fundamental in the current climate.

What can we hope to see from Pod Group in the future?

Providing enterprise IoT connectivity has been Pod’s core competence since the company’s inception. As of 2020, we’re now seeing momentum for private cellular networks really come to the fore.

As an Enterprise Network Operator (ENO), Pod Group is going beyond the traditional solutions offered by IoT connectivity providers to focus on enterprise ownership of IoT networks. Our advanced NaaS model enables us to provide unique, customised solutions for specific use cases. This encompasses everything from individual network elements, such as management and billing platforms or a pLTE core, right up to a completely private cellular network that is owned and operated by the enterprise itself.

This innovative shift away from MNO and MVNO network ownership places the enterprise in the driver’s seat. It offers increased flexibility, security, and scalability that will enable enterprises to benefit from the full value of IoT applications in years to come, serving to disrupt the global IoT connectivity market as we know it.