Interview with Eamonn McMahon, Founder of Equipment Connect

Equipment Connect is a digital marketplace that helps small businesses Source, Finance and Manage equipment. We’re talking anything from combine harvesters to CNC machines to cranes to forklift trucks!

We now host sixteen equipment vendors and several funders, and facilitate insurance and maintenance.


So, what’s the appeal?


Well, everything is digital and managed on one convenient web app. Businesses can explore new equipment models, finance their purchases and add insurance and maintenance all within minutes, without printing a single page of paper or uploading any documents. Convenient, Clear and always, Flexible.


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How did you come up with the idea for the company?


In my previous life, working within investment banking, I was helping banks and leasing companies arrange wholesale funding. It was evident the UK asset finance market was over-intermediated and relied on archaic technology leading to slow, over priced finance.



What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?


Push hard far beyond your comfort zone. Chase rejection – that is how you learn the most!

Over-communicate with your team and early customers. You rely more on them than you could possibly believe.


What can we hope to see from Equipment Connect in the future?


Equipment Connect is emerging as the central marketplace for asset finance in the UK. Furthermore, we are currently launching our new equipment discovery tool connecting SMEs with equipment vendors.

Equipment Connect will provide one online solution that facilitates equipment sourcing, financing and management and is 100% digital. From first contact to final contract.


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