Interview with Ekaterina Ryzhikova at Bitrix24


We caught up with Ekaterina Ryzhikova at Bitrix24 to discuss all about how Bitrix24 has developed since 2012, after existing as Bitrix Inc. since 1998, as well as what is in store for the future at Bitrix24…


Why was Bitrix24 founded? 

Bitrix Inc. has existed since 1998. However, Bitrix24 has been developed only in 2012. It was created because our founder and CEO wanted to support businesses of all sizes and give a platform that will be able to help any company.

You see, generally, all applications and services for business processes, sales and performance turn out quite pricy. They may cost not much independently, but here is one, there is another, and the company ends up paying a significant amount of money. Not every business can afford it. And things that supposed to help, became a weight on a leg.

That’s how the great idea was born. Bitrix24 is a compilation of all essential tools for a business, but with a reasonable price, that is 30 times cheaper than competitors’ one.




What makes Bitrix24 different? 

Bitrix24 is a unique platform, where all instruments are collected in one place. There are tools for collaboration, task/project management, CRM, sales, marketing, e-commerce and others. The platform has over 35 tools, including website builder and contact center. All modules are cross integrated what gives additional benefits.

And we do our best to give the quality service for an affordable price. It is reflected in our pricing strategy. Unlike many of our competitors, we charge companies, not users. All our subscriptions have fixed prices and therefore do not change when you add new people. Our top premium plan even has an unlimited number of users. Plus, our free plan is extremely generous and allows a team up to 12 people to work with all key instruments.




What are your plans for Bitrix24 in the future

Already over 8,000,000 companies use Bitrix24. The platform is expanded to 18 languages and has more than 15,000 partners around the world. Bitrix24 is available in the cloud and on-premise. And we still constantly working on the improvement of our service. Recently we expanded and improved tools for e-commerce and many others, connected to the mobile app, task management and remoted work. We strive to make Bitrix24 the best platform, available to any business.




What have you learnt recently at Bitrix24

During the pandemic crisis, we received many comments that Bitrix24 was a live saver when it came to forced switch to remoted work. Our tools were and still are a great support for companies of all sizes. We can say that companies need our service. And in the process of this discovery we learnt that if your product or service is needed, you can compete even with such global companies as Google, Microsoft, Salesforce.