Interview with Elin Roberts, Co-Founder at Better Nature

Better Nature is an innovative meat-free brand creating protein without compromise, with all-natural products that are as delicious as they are nutritious. We do this through tempeh, a plant-based protein originating in Indonesia that has almost 20g of protein per 100g, is high in fibre and great for the gut, and has a delicious, meaty bite. Our current product range, including our tasty Tempeh Rashers, Tempeh Mince, Smoked Tempeh and Original Tempeh, is all organic, sustainably sourced and minimally processed.

Since launching in the UK in January 2020, we’ve expanded into 200 retail locations and have the exclusive tempeh listing with Bidfood, one of the UK’s largest foodservice suppliers. We are also in the top 3 best-selling brands on Amazon UK for the ‘Vegetarian Protein’ category.

We currently have lots more innovative tempeh-based products in the works, led by world-leading tempeh food science, which is set to reshape the industry, so watch this space!
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Better Nature was founded by four food enthusiasts, Driando, Chris, Fabio and I, bound by an uncompromising love for people, the planet and animals. Together, we were driven to create protein without compromise – protein products that do not compromise on people, the planet or animals.

By applying a modern scientific lens to the ancient food process of tempeh fermentation, we have found a way to do just that. Through proprietary methods and non-GMO fermentation cultures, we can produce all-natural plant-based meats that are packed with nutrition and flavour. We are also working on naturally enhancing the nutritional properties of our products, we’ve already developed the technology to enhance their Vitamin B12 and are moving onto Vitamin D next.


What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

On the business side, I cannot stress enough the importance of having a clear strategy and ensuring this is implemented into everything you do. You need to be clear on why you exist, who your audience is, whether you are offering your audience real value and most importantly, whether you are going to be able to really deliver on that value. So many young businesses are driven by their products rather than the value they offer in the market, which makes it very difficult to have the clear vision and focus needed to really succeed in the long-term.

On the personal side, I would remind people how important rest and recuperation are. If you are tired, stressed and unhappy you won’t be able to think as clearly, and more importantly you won’t be able to enjoy what should be a really special and exciting experience, even if at times challenging. The best piece of advice I was given in a business seminar was to choose three key things that you have to do every day and accept that the rest are a maybe. Then you will be able to focus on what is important, as well as have time to switch off and process, which is vital to be as strategic, measured and energetic as you need to be to head up a business.

What can we hope to see from Better Nature in the future?

We can hope to see some very exciting new products, moving away from “tempeh” products and to all-natural meat alternatives, that just happen to be made out of tempeh. We’re creating more intuitive, easy-to-cook products that are as delicious as they are nutritious and really appeal to the growing flexitarian audience. Better Nature will also soon be the only plant-based brand in Europe to have products that contain their own naturally produced vitamin B12, a vitamin only naturally found in the soil and thereafter animal products, or in fortified food or supplements.

We’ll also keep working on our exciting food science and product development, to keep creating delicious protein products that truly don’t compromise on people, the planet or animals.