Interview with Ella Jade, Co-Founder of ROOBBA

We caught up with Ella Jade, co-founder of ROOBBA to talk all things from allowing people to design their homes in an affordable way, to investing in tech for optimum customisation…

Tell us about ROOBBA

ROOBBA is a consumer tech brand providing luxury affordable furniture. British Vogue recently called us “the ultimate destination for luxury affordable furniture.” We believe beautiful designs for the home shouldn’t be extortionately priced, and we want to offer our consumers inspiration through every stage of the journey of buying new furniture.

Whether you want to buy a complete room setting from one of our designers or shop individual pieces, we are here to ensure its an easy and enjoyable process. Our core belief is that the home should be your inspiration, and we are here to make that happen.

Roobba sells luxury, affordable furniture

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Interior design has run in my family for generations! I have been in the interior design for over 15 years, launched my first brand in Harrods and before that my family had a business in interiors for over 50 years. The idea for ROOBBA came when we had an ex-display sale with over 60% off and our customers were just purchasing whole room display sets to replicate in their homes.

We wanted to find ways of providing the same designs but for much more affordable prices. We found ways round the logistics, using technology to save costs and passed these onto our consumers. We then wanted to create a brand that was one to provide inspiration, ease of shopping and become a lifestyle brand for our customers so they can go to us at any point of the journey.


How has the need for ROOBBA evolved over the past few years?

The concept of our home is becoming exceptionally important – we need a sanctuary, a place that we can add our stamp. The home isn’t just practical anymore, it’s a place to show who you truly are and be proud of that.

The rise of social media throughout the last few years has fuelled the need for better designs, and easy access to them in order to for us to create the home we can put our personality on. That’s where we come in, to elevate your home with beautiful designs, ease of shopping and much more affordable prices through our cost-saving technology.

What can we hope to see from ROOBBA in the future?

We aim to grow ROOBBA to be the brand synonymous with your home. We want to ensure we can constantly develop and add new AI and AR technology to help you with refurbishing your home and buying new furniture. We also want to add technology into our furniture. We always stay true to our core belief that the home should be your inspiration and so will always work to provide designs and content to help you complete your dream home.


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