Interview with Enrique Sacau, CEO at Investment Company: Kneip

Kneip is a leader in fund data management and reporting solutions, headquartered in Luxembourg. We make investments and, crucially, people’s savings safer. We do so by ensuring that pricing is accurate, and that all the regulatory documents needed for financial products to exist are in place.

Our clients are the asset managers: our job, very simply, is to keep them compliant, in the market and able to sell and grow, and indeed to control their costs. This way they can focus on what they do best: delivering returns to their investors.
KNEIP | Telindus

Has COVID-19 had a big impact on your new role as CEO of Kneip?

One of the biggest impacts of the pandemic on my role was the inability to spend as much time in-person with my new colleagues as I would have liked. It has pushed us, though, to be more deliberate about communications: we have more virtual meetings, I send regular videos with updates to employees, etc.

Whilst covid-19 has not transformed my role or our organisation, it has led to us supporting a new type of client requests. Since joining, most of my conversations with our clients have centred around the evolution of cost, regulation, and the increasing importance of Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) funds. Asset managers are having to balance these things more and we are actively developing solutions to help them with these new challenges.


Why is community and diversity so important to you?

Society is diverse and we wish to reflect society. What is more, we want to lead in a deliberate way to foster diversity. This is because we absolutely want everybody to feel safe in our community: different, yes, but also respectful and mature. You can only foster this diverse community by being deliberate about it.

At Kneip we are deliberate about the way we encourage diversity, going well beyond simple acknowledgment and respect, and into celebrating difference. We’re building a true progressive culture, and I know from experience that if people can express themselves freely about their identity, it will make for better employees and improve the quality of our organisation.

What can we hope to see from Kneip in the future?

A lot! I joined Kneip because I know this organisation can achieve so much.

Our current focus is to become a truly global partner to our customers. We want to increase our global coverage and offer our services to more companies across the world. We want to say yes more: yes to supporting clients in other countries and with other products. As mentioned above, ESG is a key focus for us in 2021 and our aim to be the partner of choice for our clients who are supporting their investors to invest sustainably.