Interview with Fariba Mahmoudieh, Founder at The MyKidsy Podcast

myKidsy is an online platform that saves busy parents’ time by finding enriching out-of-school activities while offering activity-providers an efficient online booking platform. We believe that children are not being taught valuable life skills in their backwards education system and therefore want to provide them with the opportunity to explore all different types of activities to further their creativity and encourage finding their passion in life.

I recently launched our brand new podcast, The MyKidsy Podcast, which is all about trying to fill that gap in education by interviewing world-renowned experts in everything from mental health and nutrition to technology, financial literacy and mindfulness.
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How did you come up with the idea for the podcast?

Having recently graduated from secondary school myself, I realised that our school system was not properly preparing us for an evolving world. We had never been taught about these future professions that would become available to us and we had never acquired those essential skills needed for our rapidly approaching careers. Thus, I thought about the best way to spread invaluable life lessons, and to me this took the form of a podcast.

By interviewing experts in a range of different fields we are able to inform parents on all topics concerning their children as well as the value of learning vital skills that are needed in this day and age.


What advice would you give to other aspiring female entrepreneurs?

I would say that if you see an opportunity to make a difference to an industry or see a problem to which you can provide a solution, however unique or small this problem may be, go for it. The right time will never present itself so stop making excuses and take the risk. Also, take it from me you’re never too young to be an entrepreneur, in fact you will probably have less to lose at a young age, so now is the best time to carry out your idea!

What can we hope to see from mykidsy in the future?

The wider myKidsy vision is to become the number one trusted marketplace for children, parents and guardians. More specifically for the podcast we want to be the number one podcast for education, so right now we are trying to achieve that by interviewing the best experts on everything kids-related in the world. Trying to further our mission of spreading this knowledge, another concept we recently launched will help us to do this in the future.

The MyKidsy Playground is an off-line concept recently launched at the IMM Cologne in 2020 which can be easily integrated into any existing spaces. Sustainability plays a huge factor at myKidsy and thus led us to design this kids concept featuring beautiful furniture out of the most unique eco-friendly materials where kids can learn the life skills we offer at mykidsy.

Everything from coding to meditation to financial literacy, so they leave the playground with not only having had a fun time but tons of valuable skills! Therefore by bringing the mission of the podcast into other off-line forms we hope to educate many more parents and children.