Interview with George Flynn, Director at The Bond Academy

George Flynn

WiseAlpha is the UK’s leading digital bond market, which has opened up the world of corporate bonds by making them available to private investors. The Bond Academy is a free CPD accredited course, founded by WiseAlpha, which exists to educate investors about all aspects of the corporate bond market.

The course is led by industry experts and is made up of easy-to-follow units which provide all the key information needed to become a confident and sophisticated investor. This resource gives investors all the tools to feel comfortable navigating this superior asset class, through informative online tutorials with monthly content updates.

The program starts simple with modules focusing on the basis of corporate bonds and progressively looks more in-depth at aspects like capital structure and credit analysis.
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How did you come up with the idea for the Bond Academy?

The UK is approaching a golden age in terms of corporate bonds, with an ever-increasing number of investors deciding to manage their own portfolios, but until very recently, this avenue of investment management was only accessible by the financial elite.

Given the unique nature of the WiseAlpha offering and the sometimes confusing nature of Fractional Bonds, the company felt compelled to create an educational resource, available to all those who did not feel particularly confident managing their own portfolios, or lacked confidence in the investment world more generally. The aim is to give people in-depth access to expert knowledge, so that they can make educated decisions when it comes to their finances.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

When the world began shielding from Covid, the free time turned waves of people to personal and professional development. The Bond Academy became the perfect platform for those seeking to learn a new skill, better understand the world of investing, and begin managing their own portfolios.

As well as those looking to expand their skill sets, others sought out WiseAlpha’s Bond Academy to better understand investments in a time of economic uncertainty. Seeing as though the course is structured in easy-to-understand, detailed modules, consumers could feel in control in a time of global chaos.

What can we hope to see from WiseAlpha and the Bond Academy in the future?

From partnering with Money Dashboard, to reinventing its digital platform to make it wholly user-friendly, WiseAlpha has been going from strength to strength. As an increasing number of investors begin managing their own portfolios, the importance of education is becoming apparent.

The Bond Academy recently launched its latest partnership, this time with the Open University, with the hopes of furthering its mission to provide free access to expert information investors need to fully understand how corporate bonds work. The ultimate goal for the Bond Academy, and WiseAlpha more generally, is for participants in the Bond Academy to then put their knowledge into action.