Interview with Hannah Roper, Founder at The Female Creative

The Female Creative is a startup coaching company helping mums take their small business ideas and turn them into action. Having been there, done that worn the t-shirt myself, I know how to juggle a 9-5 job, a business and motherhood plus everything else life brings with it. The Female Creative is there to bring to life the ideas and the passion inside busy mums and give them the confidence to pursue their businesses.

I offer 121 coaching programmes as well as a group coaching membership and group workshops, focusing on key topics for business growth and development. The Female Creative provides a blueprint for growing your business, learning from all the mistakes I have made along the way and provides access to a network of experts to give that extra support in all areas of business and personal development.



How did you come up with the idea for the company?


I launched the business during the Covid-19 pandemic, after seeing lots of mums turn their hobbies into side hustles. I found that many mums I knew were using their time during lockdown to start small businesses, but they had a lack of business knowledge and confidence to get them off the ground.

When COVID-19 struck and I found myself furloughed from my corporate job, I decided to take my experience in multiple industries to coach busy mums and help them grow their small businesses.

I began advising on website creation and design, which then branched out into branding including logo design, social media marketing, goal setting and turning ideas into action.

The Female Creative now offers a 121 coaching service and a group coaching membership as well as power hour sessions and group workshops.


What advice would you give to other aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Start at the beginning! Take time to build the foundation of identifying your ideal client and defining your brand – think about how you want your business to make people feel!  So often I see people jump straight in with deciding on a name and a logo and then change their mind later down the line as it is not representative of their brand!

I would also advise to plan, plan, plan! The desire is to launch as soon as you have a product or service ready but then it is disappointing when that launch doesn’t go the way it was expected!  It is important to plan out the whole launch and ask yourself the questions when will you warm your audience up? When will you do all your prep work? Do you have the right audience?  Planning is applicable to every element of your business, it makes it more manageable when juggling between work, business, and family!

What can we hope to see from The Female Creative in the future?


More hints and tips for small businesses on social media as well as our own Podcast Launching in March 2021 – The Female Creative Talks – which will include interviews with female entrepreneurs from different industries sharing their journey, experiences, and top tips for growing a business.