Interview with Hasan Basri Tosun, A Cleantech Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, & CEO at IoT Tech Company: Sensgreen

Sensgreen is an IoT technology company, developing solutions for healthy, efficient commercial buildings.

We are developing sensors and analytics tools to help facility managers save energy, improve occupant comfort, and building health. Sensgreen has offices in Singapore, Ankara, and Abu Dhabi working with a passionate team of 25.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Our founders have backgrounds in building sciences, energy economics and building retrofit. We observed that there is big room for improvement in the way we currently operate large scale commercial facilities. There were cases where empty spaces were being cooled, ventilated, and at the end of the day nobody was happy with the temperature in the office.

It triggered us to build a product that would help building managers make data driven decisions instead of sailing massive ships without a compass.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The pandemic increased the awareness that indoor air matters. Considering Covid-19 is airborne, the air we breathe should be monitored and analyzed constantly to reduce the risk of infections. Not only COVID-19, but many other airborne diseases too.

We are now helping many clients while they are bringing their employees to the offices safely. We helped many shopping malls and airports to reopen safely to reinstate the visitor’s confidence.

Overall, the pandemic enabled a larger market for indoor environmental monitoring technologies.

Sensgreen are part of the Hub71 (Abu Dhabi) network, can you talk about that partnership?

Abu Dhabi is a great place to be a technology entrepreneur. Along with Hub71, it opens up enormous opportunities from business development to manufacturing. Hub71’s incentive program enabled our company to make Abu Dhabi a regional headquarters, attract talent, and build a sustainable business.

What can we hope to see from Sensgreen in the future?

We are working on various products to help our existing and prospect customers. Sensgreen is evolving into a building technology company from a three-person startup. Our goal is to deploy our solutions worldwide, enabling an energy efficient, healthy built environment. Sensgreen aims to become a pioneer reducing the share of built environment in global carbon emissions.