Interview with Heeral Pattni, Founder of Female Travel Brand Amica

The Amica App is a travel brand created by women, for women. Rooted in authenticity, connectivity and inclusivity, Amica App is a radical new way for solo women travellers to meet and connect safely.
Users can sign up to the App and choose to connect based on shared interests such as preferences within culture, activity, food and drink, as well age and distance; in doing so the Amica App empowers women to travel solo by providing opportunities to create meaningful friendships along the way.


Amica App


How did you come up with the idea for the company?


Last year when I was desperate to travel, I was planning a trip of my own but I became hesitant as I didn’t have the confidence to take the leap alone. After talking to other women who had similar hesitations, the idea for Amica was born.



How has the need for Amica evolved over the past few years?

Year on year, more women are taking the leap to travel solo. There are countless testimonies from women who swear by solo travel as a means for experiencing independence, freedom and new opportunities. There is a growing recognition that solo travel is for everyone.

Whether it’s a business trip, a spontaneous holiday, a longer journey into self-discovery; for those with partners as well as those without, for the women who are seasoned solo travellers or those going for the first time – there are no rules or limits. And now, the pandemic has emphasised the need for community, which will encourage women to share experiences for at least some of the way.


What can we hope to see from Amica in the future?


As we prepare for an exciting launch of the Amica App, the pandemic gave us an opportunity to create an online community called The Travel Plug. Women from all over the world share their travel experiences, updates and tips here.
While this grows daily, we are working hard to ensure that the Amica App is continually refined to be the optimal product for our users ahead of launch. Soon enough, you can expect a welcoming community of supportive women, ready to create new friendships and meaningful connections!