Interview with Irina Georgieva, Co-founder and CEO of Enterprise League

We caught up with Irina Georgieva, Co-founder and CEO of Enterprise League, to talk all things from starting a business to helping businesses out of the crisis caused by the pandemic…

Tell us about Enterprise League

Enterprise League is an AI powered business platform where companies can organise their existing partners (suppliers, manufacturers, service providers etc.) and find new partners. The approach is unique because it’s a mix between:

● An AI tool recommending Deals for Companies
● Online Business Community
● Active Companies Directory
● Smart companies focused Search Algorithm
The mission of Enterprise League is to build a bridge between small businesses enabling them to find the right business partnerships and collaborate more efficiently. Using Enterprise League’s smart explore system companies are able to screen through the potential partnerships 350% faster than before.

How did you come up with the idea for Enterprise League?

Throughout the past 25 years, I have been a prime witness to the struggles my dad was facing by running a private business. I grew up barely seeing him, as he was always away on business trips and working late hours. This truly showed the struggle and dedication it takes to start and run your own business. Moreover, it exposed the cruel reality that the opportunities are privileged to a few people with key connections.

Upon graduating from business school and working in several small businesses, I once again experienced the challenges that small business owners face everyday. If you lack a business savvy and connected personal network, your access to valuable business partners, suppliers and other business collaborators is extremely limited.

This is when I set out to create Enterprise League, to help more entrepreneurs get access to a pool of business opportunities and companies to collaborate with quickly and easily, without being ripped off by intermediaries.

Today, Enterprise League is the fastest growing online business platform gaining more than hundred thousand users within the last few months, creating the ultimate place where business happens.

What advice do you have for other female entrepreneurs looking to start a business?

The best advice I can give is to focus on building good habits and skills for continuous self-improvement. Strong habits will help you develop processes that work for you, stay focused and reach your goals. Stay analytical of yourself and keep identifying ways you can improve and perform better. We should never stop evolving.

Additionally, I like to write things down, pretty much everything. I think its extremely valuable to write down everything, from goals, decisions and thoughts. Writing your goals makes it clear what is most important so you can focus your efforts on that. This tells your mind what to focus on subconsciously.

Why I think you should write down your thoughts and decisions, is because I believe it vastly improves your written communication skills. You must be able to communicate effectively with people through writing, it will pay off and save you time and misunderstandings in the long run.

What can we hope to see from Enterprise League?

We can expect to see Enterprise League to play a significant part in helping businesses out of the crisis caused by the pandemic. Many companies will turn to the platform in search for business deals and collaborations to fill out the gaps left by their clients and business partners.

To better address this need, we are working hard to quickly scale the platform to more countries besides the UK and USA where we have a solid presence. The aim is to create the world’s go-to place where business happens.