Interview with Jamaine Campbell, Co-Founder at Elite Dynamics

Jamaine Campbell Elite Dynamics

Elite Dynamics provides market leading dynamic software solutions for the holiday and leisure park industry. Since its formation in 2015, Elite Dynamics has created the most advanced holiday park management solutions available on the market and is the only IT provider of advanced park management applications to be officially accredited by Microsoft. In October 2020, the company achieved official Microsoft Gold partner status.
Holiday Park Management Software & Booking Systems | Elite Dynamics

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

After spending more than 20 years working within, and providing IT solutions to, the Holiday Park industry, I realised there was a pretty substantial gap in the market for someone to write and create modern software solutions for modern holiday park operations. Solutions to support business growth, and digitally transform and revolutionise a market saturated by archaic technology and systems.

Fast forward a year of building the software and Elite Dynamics was founded with partners, Jack Vernon and Nicola Campbell.


What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Stay true to your core values, build a team of like-minded people and empower them to self-actualise both in work and with their friends and family.

Invest in training, mentoring and coaching for yourself as well as your team.

Become a pupil of your discipline.

Use IT to streamline processes and keep overheads to a minimum.

Stay focused on the end results for you, the team, and the company.

What can we hope to see from Elite Dynamics in the future?

Continued growth. In five years, Elite Dynamics has grown from a start-up team of three to having 18 employees all working remotely around the UK and Canada. We supply more than 250 holiday parks across five countries and are constantly developing new solutions, which will take us into new markets and new countries. In the next 12 months we’re aligning our solutions with the SaaS model as well as working with ClickLearn to wholly digitise our training platform – another first in the industry.

This will further open our solutions up to being accessible anywhere in the world. My team will often hear me use the Walt Disney analogy – “Disneyland will never be finished as long as there is imagination left in the world” – when talking about our ambitions. Elite Dynamics solutions will never be complete as long as there continues to be new customers and new software to work with.