Interview with James Akin-Smith, Business Coach – “Ready to Take Your Business to The Next Level?”

Did you know that many of the world’s most successful business leaders rely on business coaching to help them achieve their goals? Working with an experienced coach not only provides guidance, support, inspiration, accountability and encouragement, it can also enable your business to flourish beyond your expectations. This might be why Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, said that hiring a Business Coach was the best professional decision he ever made.

One such coach is James Akin-Smith, now ranked in the Top 3% of global business coaches, who has always had a passion for business and entrepreneurship. Having worked with business leaders and entrepreneurs for over seven years as a certified Business Coach and Business Growth Expert, James enjoys sharing the benefits of his 30 years of first-hand, practical experience with his many clients, having previously run successful businesses in the B2B and B2C sectors himself.

James has now delivered over ten thousand hours of coaching to business leaders and entrepreneurs across a diverse range of companies, from start ups to FTSE 250 retailers, manufacturers and service providers.


James Akin-Smith, Business Coach


“James has given me the freedom to mould the future of my business and helped to offer a bright future to the people I employ and their families.” says Jon Brooks, Owner of Inoplas.

Having won multiple Business Coaching Awards, James is one of the top UK Business Coaches and Trusted Advisors in the industry. More important, though, is the results James helps his clients to achieve.

“We are now on track for this year’s projected turnover of £5.2million compared to £500k in 2012” says Karina Grassy of Slumbersac, one of James’ clients. “He asks the right questions which prompt me to deliver the answers I need for my business challenges” she explains.

As Ian Oldrey, Director of Ten-25 Software, states “If you think there is a diamond hidden in your business, James may well be able to work with you to unearth it.”

So sure of his ability to positively impact your business, James’ services even come with a personal guarantee; if you don’t see enough increased profit to cover the cost of his coaching, he will continue to coach you for free until you do.


James Akin-Smith, Business Coach


James concludes “I am committed to providing you with world-class coaching. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a business owner succeed. Being able to aid the change, growth and expansion of my clients’ companies is why I became a business coach in the first place.”