Interview with James Constantinou, Founder of Logistical Supplies’ PPE Vending Machines

We caught up with James Constantinou, founder of Logistical Supplies’ PPE vending machines, to talk all things from the growth of vending as a shopping experience, to expanding his range of PPE vending machines globally…

Tell us about LS PPE Vending Machines

LS PPE vending machines are high-tech touch-screen state of the art technology that dispense hand santisers, masks and gloves in high footfall locations. They have been set up as contactless payments which then dispense biodegradable packaged PPE equipment. We decided to launch the vending machines in order to offer a solution to all retail, tourism and work environments, wishing to function day to day with an enhanced level of protection.

The PPE vending machines disperse masks, gloves and sanitsers


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Prestige Pawnbrokers is doing really well with 7 shops across the UK and I was looking for a new venture. I launched Logistical Supplies during Covid to offer a solution to shopping centres and tourist attractions where it is now mandatory to wear a mask and ask the public to stay safe and protected. By offering the vending machines, it allows them to be able to function day-to-day. I was aware that in certain countries such as Asia, vending had become a major part of the shopping experience, the merger of both the Vending machines and PPE products would therefore provide an answer to many.

What has it been like starting a business during the pandemic?

Starting a business during the pandemic proved to be difficult at best. The fact that the banks were not functioning, opening business accounts was all but impossible and nearly all other associated business-related requirements including phone lines, payment services, transport, supplies etc proved to be very trying to say the least. Every step of the way proved to take twice as long as normal but I’m proud to say now we’re up and running.

What can we hope to see from LS PPE Vending Machines in the future?

We are now at the top of the tree in respect of PPE vending in the country covering the most prestigious shopping facilities across the length of the UK. We now have inquiries from other countries looking at our lead and wanting to engage with us. The future looks bright and this is only the very tip of what is a massive market globally.

Vending as a shopping experience will grow over the next 5 years and we will see this approach develop as it has in Asia. The public will soon be shopping for clothes, mobile phones, shoes, sunglasses along with many other items and the experience will be enhanced with the introduction to vending in this arena.