Interview with Jared Whitaker, Founder & Managing Director of Ideologic

Ideologic’s focus is to allow companies to optimise their operations based on a new way of working. Reductions in travel, increases in collaboration technologies, and the inability to function as before need to be assessed and addressed swiftly and definitively, all while ensuring employee engagement and Values/Beliefs alignment.

Our key new offering, FlowState, allows projects,  programs, meetings and PMOs to run effectively and more productively, even when working remotely.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

When the Corona Virus pandemic began, companies were scrambling to figure out how to adapt. We took on the challenge to try and assist, by providing guidance and assistance to make sure that companies could continue to work productively, without losing their identities, values and beliefs.


Tell us about your new brand partnership

We partnered with Fluid Business solutions to develop FlowState, the world’s first all-in-one ecosystem for Strategic Programs. Using their hosted software offering, Fluid, and our processes, methodologies and frameworks, we have created something extraordinary, that will disrupt the world of project management and meeting management forever. A Managed Service with a world class Software Solution at it’s core.

Flowstate is totally unique. A practical way of working, designed specifically for Strategic Programs.

Simple, visual, perfect for remote working, and easy to adopt, Flowstate is a managed ecosystem for all elements of Program delivery: Status reporting, impact and dependency management, financials, benefits, resourcing, timesheeting, meeting management and execution (Sprint/Kanban).


What can we hope to see from Ideologic in the future?


Flowstate is now our core focus, and we aim to make it the world’s best and most used solution for program and project management.

From over half a century of experience running large strategic programs, and from working with countless other program or PMO Managers, we see the amount of time that gets used up for certain tasks as absolute INSANITY!

40% spent building reporting packs!
40% spent in meetings!
20% spent chasing and emailing!

It’s no wonder that 12-16 hour days become the standard. There is just no time to do the necessary work.

There are no longer admins per project/program manager, or a large PMO team with resources to help with every report and pack, so the work falls to project/program managers. So much is manual, and even when there are tools or systems, often there are multiple that need to be collated manually.

We developed FlowState to disrupt this craziness. We built it to help, to reduce the time taken, the manual interventions, the extra hours burnt.

We are on the side of Program/Project Managers, PMO Staff and Program Executives, who know that they have a huge responsibility to deliver great results, but are under pressure with all the admin and hours that come along with that.

We aren’t here to be another solution, another tool, or another system that adds to the chaos. We are here to be the solution to the chaos.


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