Interview with Joel Primus: Looking at His Multiple Ventures, New Book And What 2021 Has In Store

My current company is called Kosan Travel. We believe that travel can effect positive change by inspiring new perspectives about the world you live in, and that the more you travel, the better off the world will be. We also know that the better prepared you are, the more you will be able to enjoy the experience. So, we’ve set out to build the best products for those who travel the world, and our mission is to help our travellers prepare for their journey.

I’m also the CEO of a new company called 5D which has the mandate to roll up synergist DTC companies. We’re still in the early days at 5D but are very excited about the strategy and opportunity to help eCommerce brands reach their potential through centralized costs, access to world-class talent and cross-synergistic marketing.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The idea for Kosan was actually born, almost, at the same time as my first startup Naked Underwear. I just decided to do underwear first! I was traveling the world and realized there was no fashionable and functional travel clothing, packing systems, or one-stop-shop to purchase what you really needed for a trip. I remember giving away about 50% of what I’d packed to locals on multiple occasions because I just didn’t need it. So my long time business partner and I thought there was a great opportunity baked in that problem of packing and stylish travel clothes!

What about the underwear? I just needed some when I was in Peru and was always frustrated about the lack of quality in men’s underwear. So I purchased a pair and its softness inspired a vision of combining technology, performance, and comfort to create a pair of men’s underwear that felt like you weren’t wearing any at all…hence the name Naked!


What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

I always tell entrepreneurs that their startups and business are opportunities for self-discovery and cultivating self-awareness. It’s really a way of life that also allows us to do the important “inner” work that grounds us as human beings.

The better we understand ourselves, our blind spots our triggers, the better entrepreneur, boss, spouse, partner, citizen we can be. AND it helps us realize that our happiness and self-worth are our own, and not dependent on the ups and downs of our business.

What can we hope to see from your company in the future?

As the world of travel starts to come back as a result of the vaccine and the pandemic being (hopefully) behind us we’re looking forward to ramping Kosan back up.

The launch of my new book Getting Naked – The Bare Necessities of Starts Up and Entrepreneurship is going to be a big focus of the year for me as well. It’s been a 10-year project so I’m incredibly excited to share it with entrepreneurs around the world.

The book highlights the hard-learned lessons and story of my first startup Naked Boxer Briefs. Part memoir and part entrepreneurial start-up manual, Getting Naked reveals dozens of critical tips and lessons such as:

  • When to start your business, how and when to raise money from family, angels, and venture capitalists
  • What is needed to build incredible teams and hire the right employees?
  • Why you need to develop a solid brand with objective-based operations and marketing.


Just as important, it also delves into the personal sacrifices required of an entrepreneur, exploring the vital links between mental health, family, finding balance, and being true to you who are through it all.